Modern Swedish Family Home

We never get tired of these beautiful Swedish homes. Here is another that lies in the heart of the Swedish neighborhood Kungsladugård. This apartment has been renovated multiple times which enables it to have a history which is shown through the various layers of finishes. The renovations still maintained its connection to its 1920's roots when it was designed by Arvid Fuhre in the style of Governor House. The Swedish design of using a neutral base and then adding onto this modern detailing such as the furniture and wall coverings is clearly shown throughout the apartment. This apartment was originally designed in order to accommodate large families however it does this without being too ostentatious or overwhelming. The overall effect is of a light and airy space which you could easily see yourself occupying.

Swedish property listing site Stadshem describes the rooms as given below:

Living Room
The living room has an exciting, yet easy-furnished floor plan. Here you can easily place a sofa, TV stand, bookcase, and more without losing the feeling of spaciousness. The orientation of the home makes the room fill with afternoon and evening sun. One of the walls are adorned with a birch-patterned wallpaper from Cole & Son.

Parents Bedroom
The inner hall you reach the apartment-sized master bedroom. It fits easily one full bed and proximity to the enclosed courtyard allows one to sleep with open windows without being disturbed. The room, formerly the kitchen in a small apartment and the surviving corner pantry now serves as a charming linen closet. In addition, there are two cupboards in the adjacent inner hall.

The bathroom is en suite with parental bedroom. The walls are tiled in a gray beige hue, and on the floor is mosaic matching. Shower Corner is equipped with both hand nozzle and shower head.

A modern and handy kitchen with generous bench space, ample storage and mood lighting. The separate desk corner is made of walnut with concrete as mud flaps. There is room for a dining table for at least four people.

Children’s Bedroom
A large room is divided into two smaller rooms with mirror sliding doors between them. Room windows are fitted with separate wall mounted desk. In the back room, which is decorated with a wallpaper from Ferm Living, a place built bed with storage underneath. In case you want to have completely separate rooms, there is opportunity to pick up a doorway from the kitchen.

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