3 Bedroom Small House Plans Pack

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Looking to build your dream home but struggling to find beautiful modern plans that suit your taste and budget? Let us help!

Having a small house does not mean you need to sacrifice on style or comfort. We at Home Designing, a leading online home design magazine, have partnered with experienced architects from around the world to put together a pack of affordable 3 bedroom house plans that truly stand out despite their modest size.

10 outstanding house plans crafted to meet the needs of the value conscious modern home dweller. Included are the digital plans and documents (in PDF & CAD format) for the following homes:

Here is what you get

Though under 2000 square feet in area, this home evokes an aura of luxury and is guaranteed to make it stand out. 

House 1

Area: 1614 sqft (150 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 3 

Floors: 2

Parking: Carport with space for 1 car

House 2

Area: 1800 sqft (167 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 3 

Floors: 2

Parking: Open parking space for 2 cars

Narrow lot house with a unique black and white theme. Add some flowering plants to the balcony to truly punctuate its beauty.

Area: 1793 sqft (167 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 2 

Floors: 2

Parking: Carport with space for 2 cars

House 3

Area: 926 sqft (86 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 2 

Floors: 2

Parking: Carport with space for 2 cars

House 4

Ideal for narrow lots, this home with a sophisticated facade manages to squeeze in parking for two cars with a unique garage approach. 

A well rounded house with a beautiful elevation. The spacious balcony provides a relaxing spot for those easy evenings. 

Area: 1188 sqft (110 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 2 

Floors: 2

Parking: Carport with space for 1 car

House 5

Area: 980 sqft (92 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 2 

Floors: 2

Parking: Carport with space for 1 car

House 6

Sporting beautiful minimalist ethos, this house is a pleasure for the eyes - both at day & night. Perfect for where space is a premium. 

A modern house with a simple form designed to efficiently handle heat. A cute little balcony adds to the charm. 

Area: 1988 sqft (185 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 3 

Floors: 2

Parking: Open space for 2 cars

House 7

Area: 1769 sqft (164 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 2 

Floors: 2

Parking: Open space for 1 car

House 8

Unusual shades and facade features lend this house an air of enigma. Besides the 3 bedrooms this house also includes a home office.

With a unique block shaped form that is bound to turn heads, this modern beauty uses a mixture of textures to make its mark in the neighbourhood.

Area: 1968 sqft (182 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 2 

Floors: 2

Parking: Open space for 1 car

House 9

Area: 1982 sqft (184 sqm) 

Bedrooms: 3 

Bathrooms: 2 

Floors: 2

Parking: Closed garage for 1 car

House 10

The sliding glass doors and huge windows allow in lots of natural light. This surprisingly spacious house sports 2 balconies as well.

The same beautiful block shaped approach with mixed textures as in House 8 but this includes a closed garage.

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Get $50 OFF by using coupon 'MA29' on checkout. Hurry, coupon expires on May 29!

Every plan in this 10 pack set includes:

1. Floor Plans

2. Elevations

3. Sections

4. Lighting Positions

5. Material Specifications

6. CAD Files

7. 3D Floor Plans

8. Exterior Renders

Is this plan pack right for you?

You should consider ordering if you: 

Like the modern style of architecture and prefer it over traditional and classic themes. 


Want to avoid the guesswork of what you will get after you pay thousands of dollars to an architect for an initial concept. 


Like options and would like to pick and choose from a set of plans with clear external and interior 3d floor plan renders before embarking on the journey of building your home. 

Are Quality Conscious: The plans featured in this collection are of homes worth living in for a lifetime!

Like Saving Money: You would be saving more than 90% of what you would if you were to hire a professional of your own to start from scratch which could cost thousands of dollars. 

Hate Wasting Time: It may take hundreds of hours of work and weeks of back and forth between you and the architect before you end up seeing a version you like. But here the plans are ready.

Samples From The Pack

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This ebook features 200+ photos of brilliantly designed interiors to draw inspiration from and will give you lots of ideas to decorate your new home.

It includes:

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- 50+ kitchens

- 25+ bathrooms & other spaces

1. Book Of Inspirational Interiors

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More inspiration! This ebook features high quality images of outstanding homes from around the world. Yet another book that will provide you with inspiration for your new home.

It includes:

- 40 homes, 340+ Pages

- 500+ high quality images

- architectural plans of all homes

- name & contact info of architects

2. Book Of Beautiful Homes

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3. 50 Inspirational Color Palettes


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I have seen a single plan cost ten times as much. How are you able to provide this whole set of plans so cheap? 

Our model is different. We have invested signficant resources in building a small set of good plans that would cater to a wide variety of audience. If enough people find our choice of plans appealing, we hope it would cover our costs.

When do I get the plans? 

Instantly. Being a fully digital transaction, the download links for the plans are sent immediately after you complete the purchase.

Are these the only documents that I would need before embarking on construction?

No. You would require foundation plans, roof plans, material lists to name a few. The reason we did not include them within our pack is that these are highly location specific and are dependent on availability of materials, contruction techniques and local building regulations.

So how do I proceed after choosing a plan I like to build?

If you require no more architectural changes to the plan of your choice, we recommend you take it to a qualified local structural engineer who would help you decide on the type of foundation, roofing and construction materials that are ideal for your location. They should be able to guide you through the construction process from there.

If you have minor adjustments that need to be made to the plan to better suite your requirements we recommend you get these done by a local architect before proceeding to the structural engineer.

I have another question. How do I get in touch with you?

Feel free to reach out to us at response@home-designing.com. We will be happy to answer your questions.