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40 Neoclassical Bedroom Design Ideas With Tips & Accessories To Help You Decorate Yours

A neoclassical bedroom spells elegance, style, and romance. From deeply decorative coving and chic wall molding to ornate bed frames and eye-catching bedside furniture, these spaces overspill with exquisite detail and bold beauty. It's easy to jump to an image of a wainscot or boiserie-endowed headboard wall, a French bed, and frilly molding, but there are many ways to translate the neoclassical aesthetic. To help you develop your ideal take on the theme, we’ve put together a gallery of 40 designs with tips and accessories. We’ll tour an array of color palettes, a fabulous line-up of lighting ideas, bespoke bed designs, unusual neoclassical feature walls, striking additions, and quirky twists.

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