12 Extraordinary Table Designs

Sometime back, we featured a story before about some rather unusual bookshelves but this time the spotlight is on tables. Product designers are never happy with the normal 4 legs-1 flat top tables. They want to experiment. And sometimes, experiments lead to amazing results:

Marta Antoszkiewicz calls it the Bulb chair. It is functional when in use and pretty when set aside and it saves a lot of place.

Kitchenette shown above is another one of Marta’s ideas.

Wish you could turn your tables into chairs? With this design by Joel Hesselgren, well, you can!

Here is one of our favourite pieces of furniture. An example of truly innovative and brilliant design. Made by DB Fletcher.

The Most Amazing Table Ever Bro! – video powered by Metacafe

Another concept in space saving furniture design.

Wish you had a fireplace? No problem, take a look at this coffee table from Planika Fires. Eco-friendly and safe to use this table is made of natural veneer wenge and covered with the polyurethane varnish for increased durability, making it resistant to water, alcohol and high temperatures. Need more ideas for fireplaces and mantelpieces? Check our article: Fireplace mantels and surrounds

Kids floating paperplanes everywhere? Your turn to get back. Bring the paperplane table to your living room. Designed by irish designer Lorraine Brennan.

Think you have seen it all? Are you sure? Take a look at the NES controller table by Kyle Downes

And here is a video on how you operate it:

Apple has definitely had its inspiraton on tables.

iPod Table by Ashley Burrows


iPhone Table by Tuan Nguyen

And here’s Microsoft bringing some technology to the table with its ‘Surface’

More technology. Here is another tech table that just might come in handy for your bar. iBar is a system for the interactive design of any bar-counter. Integrated video-projectors can project any content on the milky bar-surface. The intelligent tracking system of iBar detects all objects touching the surface. This input is used to let the projected content interact dynamically with the movements on the counter. Objects can be illuminated at their position or virtual objects can be “touched” with the fingers.

Do you love interior design inspiration. Check this video on interior design then.

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