Unusual Bookshelves

This post covers some of the most uncommon bookshelf designs you will ever see out there. We are sure it will give you some inspirational ideas.

Short on space but more on style? Try the Bed Case by Karen Babel. When you don’t plan to use the bed, split the bed and stack it on your bookshelf! The design has been awarded The New Designers KBSA Award for for simplicity, space-saving, user-friendliness and great attention to detail.

It’s the bee’s knees! Shaped in the form of a bee-hive, check out this shelf by Mostapha El Ouhlani, a designer from Marocco.

Another fashionable book shelf from Lago shaped in the form of different postures assumed by a running person.

Well, no post about uncommon bookshelves can call itself complete without featuring the staircase book shelf by London-based Levitate Architects who designed this ingenious solution to the book storage problem by designing a staircase that doubles up as a home library. Photo Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

And it is not just bookshelves, who says drawers can’t be built on stairways?

Are you a math whiz? We just got your kind of thing here. Check out the Equation bookshelf by Marcos Breder in which you can arrange stuff based on priority! Your most precious items go inside the paranthesis, the lesser ones go to the outer brackets. How is that for organization!

We warned you with our title, but here is a bookshelf for the hopeless, die-hard book addict. Read and sleep with your books with Stanislav Katz‘s concept ‘Bookshelf with couch’.

Invisible book shelf

Where is the ‘bookshelf’ here? I see only books. Well, look carefully, the bottom most book is a cleverly designed bracket for the shelf. Want to try making this yourself?

Designed by Pucci de Rossi, the Dondola is a rocking chair that combines clean lines and curvaceous shapes. it is a beautiful object that showcases the italian craftmanship to which Made is deeply attached. The stainless steel structure made of two rounded arms that are linked together with three storing cases for books.

Another similar concept but this time by Fishbol Design Atelier

A hybrid between a bookshelf, bath and an armchair. Design by Malin Lundmark

Bookworm – The Flexible Bookshelf. An artist creativity combined with a great company’s technology, gives life to a bookcase design of industrial scale that can rightfully be considered the world’s most daring and revolutionary. Design by bonluxat

Wazz AL from NoDesign on Vimeo.

How about your music system doubling as your bookshelf. Meet Waaz, is a shelf connected to a computer that doubles as a device for audio diffusion and archiving digital music files (MP3).

Another bookshelf on the staircase. Photo from a house renovated by Adam Jirkal, Jerry Kozaa and Tomáš Kalhous, located in Všenory, Czech Republic.

A design that enhances the utility of the ordinary bookshelf by providing shelving which requires no bookends or heavy-handed adjustments when a book is removed from the stack. It’s simplicity also adds elegance without removing any previous storage or decorative capabilities. Designed by David Ngo.

A design not in this list because of the ingenuity of the furniture but more so because of its organization. The rainbow bookshelf is a pleasure to watch.

If you thought things were getting back to normal we are sure you would seriously consider changing your mind after seeing the Book Ceiling by Richard Wentworth.

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