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Even a penthouse apartment needs a slick kitchen and this butcher block breakfast bar is the perfect option.

20 Sleek Kitchen Designs with a Beautiful Simplicity

Look inside these elegant modern kitchens and get inspired by their simple designs.

designer knife

40 Unique Designer Knives For Your Home

If you are planning to buy a knife set for you or someone you love, check out these 40 amazing sets of kitchen knives.

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With its sleek, reflective countertops and off-kilter angles, this kitchen is a vision of the future. Even the cooktop has a ultramodern bent, fusing the technology of touchscreen with the actual stove and making sticky cookbooks and flour spattered smartphones obsolete.

10 Modern Kitchens That Any Home Chef Would Envy

Whether you love to cook or simply dream of a homemade meal, step inside these modern kitchens and get culinarily inspired.

The reddish orange accents in this kitchen, and the creative sunken dining table, give the kitchen a really retro feel.

Gorgeously Minimal Kitchens with Perfect Organization

Amazing kitchens that will spark a love for cooking and keep everything in its place.

The awesomely unique angular counter is definitely a centerpiece in this narrow penthouse kitchen.

20 Sharp, Masculine Kitchens Perfect For Men

Kitchens are no longer the sole domain of women. Check out these modern, masculine kitchen design ideas that would make any man wa...

Delicate, subtle pattern dances over backlit white crystal here, appearing as sunlight on glaciers.

25 Unique Kitchen Countertops

Visually fabulous countertops and interactively stimulating Smart kitchen work surfaces.

Strong red accents steal the spotlight in this modern setup, contrasted beautifully by the rich blue window chair. The colors are unexpected against the swathe of beige and white units in this space–and the best part is that these color pops can be changed out, without the expense of ripping out cabinetry and shelving, if you should become tired of your color choices.

Kitchen Designs with Unusual Choices

A blast of stylish kitchen design with sophisticated decor and a trendy twist.

The kitchen units in this room are a sunny mix of yellow and white gloss fronts, but it really is the bright wall art and dining chairs that make this design sing. A nearby lounge area pulls in more color too, with the introduction of a psychedelic feature wall, graphic rug and contemporary sofa.

Kitchen Designs That Pop

A cool collection of trendy kitchen designs and room decor, with color pops and interesting layouts.

This modern kitchen is not fussy or complicated. Instead, a small counter area, with a bar that juts out playfully, gives just enough room to cook a simple meal or enjoy a cup of coffee without a lot of overhead.

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

These sleek kitchen designs from Italian company Comprex are perfect for anyone from the casual cook to the gourmet chef with a fl...

This layout provides an angular solution to kitchen meets dining room, where the run of kitchen units morph into dining area storage.

Kitchen Layouts and Lovely Lighting

A tonne of kitchen designs to spark your hunger for a new culinary space.

A freestanding look is achieved in this kitchen, where a wooden crockery sideboard holds twin cookers. The wooden elements of the room are freshened by white cabinets, worktops and fridge-freezer.

Kitchens with Contrast

Use contrasting cabinets and countertops in your kitchen to add interest to the design.

The perfect kitchen doesn't have to take up a lot of space. This small kitchenette is tucked away underneath a lofted living area, maximizing the square footage of the room. Utilizing the space both under and above the appliances means even this pocket kitchen has plenty of storage for the essentials.

Nordic Kitchens

Norway-based design firm Norema has created a whole portfolio of beatuiful, modern kitchens, each with its own distinct personalit...

As long as we're browsing the Snaidero site, we couldn't resist posting these modern looks from the "Board" and "Code" lines as well.

Modern Italian Kitchens From Snaidero

These modern kitchens from Italian designers Snaidero create sleek lines and a clean feeling without skimping on the necessities l...

natural lighting kitchen

Contemporary Kitchens for Large and Small Spaces

Modern kitchen designs for large and small spaces by Italian designer Scavolini.

linear kitchen design glass doors

Modern Italian Kitchen Design From Arclinea

A collection of kitchens in the modern and contemporary styles from a popular Italian kitchen designer.

Marbodal kitchen Vollo-hogblank

18 Captivating Kitchens by Marbodal

Eighteen stunning kitchens, from contemporary to cottage, show the creative range of Swedish kitchen maker Marbodal.

white lacquered kitchen cabinetry in orange

Kitchen Cabinetry in a New Light

This collection from a German company features a signature range that incorporates lighting into a seamless aesthetic, but also co...

old world kitchen white 2

11 Luxurious Traditional Kitchen Ideas

Many traditional kitchens while beautiful at times can seem a little too stately and formal. Not these eleven kitchens! They are w...

The designer chose blue LED lighting to infuse this modern kitchen with almost underwater-like ambiance.

17 Light-Filled Modern Kitchens by Mal Corboy

These modern kitchens, by designer Mal Corboy, boast a plethora of both natural and ambient light for a welcoming and warm ambianc...

modern kitchen with island bar

12 Modern Eat-In Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchens are offering up some terrific ways to say goodbye to the formal dining room and hello to family-centric eat-in opt...

The simplest way to introduce impact is with color, and this bright green cabinet run streaks ahead of most hues with zest.

Unexpected Twists for Modern Kitchens

How to add a touch of the unpredictable to your contemporary kitchen designs.

brilliant red graphic backsplash

50 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Well designed backsplashes can bring beauty to the kitchen.

A pumpkin-hued china amoire adds a punch of color to this gorgeous old world style eat-in kitchen. It is certainly warm and cozy and feels like fall.

Minacciolo Country Kitchens with Italian Style

Minacciolo creates charming country kitchen furniture in lovely light-hued finishes that cross many styles from modern to old worl...

kitchen island

20 Kitchen Island Designs

Islands not only provide extra functionality in the way of storage and work space to the kitchen, they also add a social element a...

Via i29Clever cutaways create irregular windows into the storage spaces of this kitchen, along with a series of recesses dedicated to an army of glass jars that are filled with dried cooking ingredients that not only keep culinary delights within easy reach, but brings color and texture to an otherwise neutral design.

Open Kitchen Shelves Inspiration

Arrange your kitchen paraphernalia to perfection on homey open kitchen shelving.

The cut ice-like surface comes without any compromise on functionality and results in no added company investment, maintaining traditional production processes and still managing to respect the environment.

Kitchens That Make the Cut

Amazing kitchens by Estudiosat, with vibrant color combinations and unique cabinet facing, including wallpaper effects and art pri...

Choose integrated appliances for a streamlined look that will blend in with the rest of the furniture, and maintain a neat and homey surrounding for meal times.

Kitchen Dining Designs: Inspiration and Ideas

Create a combined kitchen dining space that works, with this collection of tips, tricks and decor styles.

White glossy kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Designs with Personality

Inject your personality into a modern kitchen design with open shelving and artwork.

To get a sense of the company's aesthetics, take a look at 'Tipping Point, a typical Splinterworks project. Tipping Point is an optically arresting sculptural feat; appearing to defy gravity by impossibly balancing a huge leaning volume on a knife-edge. The highly reflective mirror-polished stainless steel heightens the visual weightlessness offering a gleaming, eye-catching pair of balancing arcs in perfect symmetry. The lustrous surface creates elegant elongated reflections of the surrounding environment, rendering the whole piece to appear almost invisible. The reflective nature of the work makes the piece easy to integrate into a living space, and the circular design creates a self-contained working area which is easy to place into an open plan space.

Innovative Kitchens & Curvaceous Countertops

A unique look at kitchen layouts for forward thinking homeowners, with smooth curves and sleek lines.