Angry Birds Inspired Accessories For Your Home

Who hasn’t heard of Angry Birds? What had began as a video game by Finnish computer game developed Rovio Mobile in 2009 slowly but steadily became a famous video game all over the world for phones, video games, and computers. Today Angry Birds has become a phenomenon that has quite a following among people all over the world of different ages. Themed parties and clothing (t-shirts and even Halloween costumes) are a well known road of popularity and success, but Angry Birds did not stop there! Take a look at some of these accessories that cement the game’s place in mainstream culture.

Angry Birds Speakers

Engadget puts them as ‘too adorable to slingshot’. We agree!

Angry Birds Cakes



Youtube features videos of the games, the toys, and even the playful cake that can be made into a table top eatable game. Chocolate and frosting in a shape of colorful birds, Mighty Eagle, and Big Brother Bird has never been so much fun and tasteful!

Angry Birds Plush Toys

Flying off the screen and becoming a soft plush toy, companion for children and young adults is a well known road for many game characters.

Photo via GrowingUp. You can get them here.

Angry Birds Wall Decals

eBay plays home to a huge collection of Angry Birds inspired wall decals.


Angry Birds Toys

Even the plastic version of the table top game is common.

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