51 Shipping Container Homes That Will Change How You Think About Home Design

Shipping container homes have grown in popularity but they do raise questions. Are shipping container homes cheaper? How long do shipping container homes last? Shipping container homes cost less than traditional homes, but customization and permit costs should still be considered. With proper maintenance, they can last 25 years or more. The most common shipping container sizes for homes are 20 and 40 feet long with a standard height of 8′ 6″. While there are pros and cons of shipping container homes, such as eco-friendliness vs limited space, they have the potential to transform the way we think about home design. This list of 51 shipping container homes showcases some of the most creative possibilities.

1. Wolfrom Cottage

Located at the Lake of the Prairies in Manitoba, Canada, this 3-piece container home features a cantilevered volume set atop a perpendicular support volume. The third container stands on its end to form a lookout tower over the lake.

2. Prince Road Container House

An Airbnb with a difference, Prince Road Container House has been featured in Apartment Therapy and news outlets around the world. This art-splashed accommodation features a tipped container that houses a staircase. You’ll find wild mid-century modern style and a Mondrian-inspired kitchen inside.

3. Bergheim Container Lodge

This cargo container ski lodge is set in the IFA resort in Schöneck. Like the rest of the accommodations here, it’s also a SmartHome.

4. The Starburst House

Constructed to resemble a crystalized formation, this multi-container house revolves around one central point. When standing at the heart, it’s possible to gaze along every spoke of the house and out to the encircling desert of Joshua Tree, California. One of the disadvantages of metal shipping container homes is that they can overheat, so you’ll need to consider insulation and cooling systems if you intend to build your own shipping container homes for a similar climate.


5. Container Guest House

Shipping container tiny homes are a popular choice. This tiny guest house has a cheerful aesthetic with a bright blue paint job and a wall of sliding windows. One end of the container is also fully glazed, which gives the guests a wraparound, outdoor living experience.

6. Amagansett Modular

Large shipping container homes with high ceilings can be achieved by fusing containers into one tall volume, like in this modular 1800 sq ft, four-bedroom, house.

7. The Box House

This contemporary villa is made from five repurposed shipping containers. Most of the metal sides have been replaced with glass, which allows the house to blend lightly into a habitat of Satinwood Trees. The shipping container homes price range climbs steeply once extra glazing and cantilevered reinforcements are counted.

8. Lavish Shipping Container Retreat

A luxurious container home rental in Utah, at the base of a sandstone mountain. This accommodation features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a wide deck, and nature right there on the doorstep.

9. C Home

Give 2 story shipping container homes an abstract twist, like the C Home with its asymmetrically sliced window reveal, which falls away to a deck below.

10. The Shipping Container at Desert Rose Ranch

Located on 27 private acres on the Texas Wine Trail, this rustic shipping container home is a place to reconnect with nature and yourself. Natural light pours through large glass windows and a glazed garage door that frames the glorious Hill Country landscape.

11. The Shoreline

After starting life as a 40′ shipping container, this tiny home now houses Airbnb guests in Texas. Cedar siding is spaced so that the original container is still recognizable. A rooftop deck makes a sweet spot for sunsets.

12. The Hanging Villa

The upper floor of this 3-bed shipping container villa is supported by 4 struts that give the patio a sculptural element. It also has a private pool, so you can spend your stay hanging out by the water.

13. Seaway Villa Joshua District

Featuring recycled driftwood, this Indonesian shipping container project was inspired by a love of the ocean. A fresh gray and white interior color scheme, splashed with blue, turquoise, and orange, paints a positive energy.

14. Cozy Cabin Nord I Harz