Ultimate Computer Setups: Cool Computer Room Design

Sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Though, that sounds like a pretty weak excuse to game till dawn, after you see these setups perhaps you would change your mind?

Computers have become a vital part of lives. If in the 90s it was living room that people spend so much time in carefully planning out to enhance their television viewing experience, today the place where you put your rig is likely the one that receives more attention.

Take a look at some of the spaces that people around the world have setup…

gaming setup

Stefan Didak seems to have his bases covered with his setup that includes 7 screens,and 2 laptops. Herman Miller Aeron takes care of the seating ergonomics and the brick textured foam wallpaper gives the room a bunker look.

Last year, tech blog Gizmodo showed off some of its’ users computer setups. The following two are from Gizmodo:

gaming setup

Steve Larson’s setup uses a combination of LCDs and CRTs to provide an arc of displays.

gaming setup

After seeing his setup, one would think twice before getting into an online argument with Paul. We sure hope the guns are fake. ;)

gaming setup

58-inch Panasonic 1080p plasma TV, a pleothora of gaming consoles, Klipsch 5.1 surround, 4 Guitar Hero axes, Rock Band drumset and mic in this library of entertainment pleasure.

gaming setup

A flight simulator gaming setup.

gaming rig

A racing setup with Xbox 360 racing wheel and 5.1 surround speakers, display split over three Samsung HDTVs.

gaming couch

This setup from Easy Chair Mount is for people who want to relax when they are working.

exercise wokstation

That is one setup that for people who do NOT want to relax while working. A treadmill attached to a height-adjustable computer workstation, keeps you upright and moving while your work. Product by Steelcase

Okay, now we move onto more ergonomic and comfy workstations.

ergonomic workstation

Winner of “Best Product” – Internet Collection, Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2000, Copenhagen, the ‘Surf Chair’ by Kenneth Lylover looks comfortable and appealing.

ergonomic workstation

We are at a loss of words to describe how cool this workstation might be. Designed by a team of medical researchers studying spinal cord injury, the Gravitonus looks like one heck of a chair to have. It automatically analyses the position of the body, measures local temperature and pressure of different body parts and gently rotates the frame so that you have the least possible stress on your back . Also features a 5.1 surround with a subwoofer integrated into the backseat.

ergonomic computer setup

One person’s ultimate gaming environment is another’s ergonomic workstation or personal home theater. Here is a concept from PCE that supports upto 3 monitors fully adjustable from footrest position to monitor viewing angle.

ergonomic computer setup

Coming with a 2.1 speaker and height-adjustable flat-screen monitor support, the V1 ergonomic computer desk is ready for any game you want to throw at it. In the makers works, ‘the V1 computer desk can be used as a computer gaming chair, flight simulator, racing simulator, cad workstation, video editing workstation, sound editing workstation, personal movie theater, surround sound music environment and more.’ Price: $1700

gaming chair

This unit from Nethrone nestles users in a multi- positional cradle-like environment, complete with an adjustable reclining vibrating seat, keyboard/joystick, dual mouse position armrest, neck cushion and dual footrest position. Each unit is equipped with an adjustable monitor lift and tilt support as well as frame support for a VGA box, Apple’s Mac mini and Sony`s PS2, users can insert their units into a slot behind their LCD monitor.

gaming ergonomic chair

The Zero Gee Ergonomic Workstation from Vision Ltd is one of our personal favourites and it just makes us sleepy watching this chair. This is a state-of-the-art recliner with a computer attached and is perfect for both home and office. Warning! It tempts you to take that much needed nap between deadlines!

gaming ergonomic chair

Too lazy to get up from bed and come to your workplace? Office Organix ErgoQuest 500 could be your answer! With motorized legs, and a keypad to activate them you can just lay back and relax while you work with this system.

gaming ergonomic chair

As far as looks go it would be tough to beat The Emperor which seems to be ready to fire a giant anti-matter death ray to Moon at the mere press of a button. The tail section (the large articulated arm that holds the monitors) rises to allow the user to be seated, then lowers back into position the three monitors at the perfect height and angle for perfect viewing comfort and sets up the scene for global domination!

Features include three large monitors for a panoramic view, THX Dolby surround sound, air filtering, light therapy, webcam, battery backup and more…

Price? Basic version: $40,000 (approx) ; With More Niceties thrown In: $44,000 (approx).
Rent for 1 day: $2500

Update (3 June 2013): Check out the new model:

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