16 Green Color Bedrooms

If you made it out of the 70’s with your memory intact (and even if you hadn’t been born then), who can forget that ‘puke green’ was the color of the decade? They had the right idea, as green is thought to attract prosperity and reflect tranquility and balance in the people who use it. Applied generously in fashion, automobiles, home appliances and home decor, it was the outdated color that newer generations have always loathed the sight of- until now! Today green is back as the new ‘white’ and these amazing designers have created some dynamite renderings (yes, they’re all 3D!) of incredible bedrooms that depict our modern lifestyle today, using that same green color in a totally new way. Now the trend setters of the world are restoring green into the bedroom for its artistic value with new hues and color schemes, simplified patterns, and calming textures. The photos below will show you exactly what we mean.

Bold Striking Striped Bedroom By Index 11

Retro floral designs own the energy in this bedroom Designed by Rio Laksana

Serene monochromatic bedroom is visualized by Jeremy Sikorski

A green bedroom with a grand skylight. Designed by Zigshot82

Daylight and artificial light makes a dramatic difference in the ambiance of this bedroom by GorgeB

Super cool colors, materials, and clean lines make for the perfect modern bedroom design. By robihartono

Abstract art piece creates the coolest headboard and focal point for this bedroom designed By ratyanus rombe

Small Bedroom makes big impact with textured greens. By NiNJaBiKeRz

Teen’s bedroom with sophisticated green accents by Aspa

A simply green bedroom by Martin Kudela

A warm bedroom with subtle lighting by Rio Laksana

Vibrant earth tones where the outdoors become part of the scene, designed by 3DSkaper

There is serenity in the subtlety of the seagrass colored walls, by Tom Majerski

Details in the green art are the focus of this bedroom by kate sonsing

Bringing the outdoors into a modern bedroom by rw4n

Breakfast in bed for a tropical bedroom By GorgeB

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