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Quantum of Solace released today in India but if you are looking for spoilers, you are probably reading the wrong blog! What we will tell you, however, is that if you are an architect or a design enthusiast you have plenty to look forward to in the movie. James Bond movies always pay great attention to detail in designing sets and picking locations and this one is no different. We thought we will feature some of those famous sets and interiors shown in Bond movies old and new.

The Doctor No Crab Key Facility, Dr No(1962)

Goldfinger’s Recreation Room, Goldfinger(1964)

Blofeld’s Lounge, You Only Live Twice(1967)

“Tiger” Tanaka’s Office, You Only Live Twice(1967)

Willard Whyte’s Penthouse, Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

by Greybeard

The Green Chamber, Moonraker(1979)

Northern Base of British Secret Service, The World is Not Enough(1999)

Eilean Donan Castle (with a few aerials and microwave dishes on top!) appeared in The World is not Enough as the northern base of the British Secret Service.

Gustav’s Ice Palace, Die Another Day(2002)

Office, Casino Royale(2006)

Casino Royale Movie Still
Courtesy: IGN

So, wondering what’s new in the Quantum of Solace? One of the attractions is the Festival House Bregenz in Austria designed by Dietrich Untertrifaller which is a behemoth of an amphitheatre situated on the waterside of Lake Constance and is a perfect venue for a covert mid-opera meeting of arch-villains. Probably the only amphitheatre out there that opens into a lake…

Courtesy: IGN and Architectour

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