Ingeniously re-used products

Design is not always about expensive branded items. At times, it is about human ingenuity which surprises us occasionally by finding use in what appears useless. We hope this post inspires you to seek new ways to ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recyle…’

Mieulin believes you can make a box out of used plastic bottles.

Fazendo Arte does not like to throw away old floppies. She likes to use them as binds for notepads.

Infact, old computer accessories can be creatively used in different ways:

(Key necklace by Susan)

keyboard clock
by Audrey & Max

scorpion mouse
by Mario Langer

and if you have been following this blog regularly you would remember the Mac Aquarium from our post about awesome aquariums.

CDs can be used as lampshades…

cd lampshade
by Essellarr

Ana Pomars shows us used plastic cups and cloth pegs would work fine too…

and so does old tubelights…

or old bulbs…

Jelene‘s pal thinks you can even make lampshades out of used cans…

…and lampshades aren’t the only things you can make out of used cans. How about fashionable earrings?

a symbolic pot?

And to conclude we draw your attention to something that seems to be a rather expensive re-usability project.

Photo by Bob008

Atleast those bikes wouldn’t be causing any pollution!

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