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In this space, which appeared in Dwell, the dining room is open to the elements, making it a beautiful tribute to its lush natural surroundings.

Break Bread in Beauty: 20 Modern Dining Rooms for Inspiration

20 beautiful dining rooms that create a welcoming, warm place to share a meal with your friends and loved ones.


Steel, Concrete, and Stone Home with Central Courtyard

A stark home is the ideal space for a family that values privacy at every turn without sacrificing the beauty of open design and m...

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The open plan scheme and glazed walls allow the homeowner to see each area of their home without obstruction, yet the staggered layout creates an interesting dynamic that is incredibly welcoming and prevents the house from appearing as an open soulless slab.

Remodeled Californian Home

A stunningly fresh home remodeling, featuring a sophisticated open plan living space and a central courtyard.

This impressive visualization by Iskander Khodzhaev uses a rich depth of color throughout it's interior, which is picked up in the planting of an internal courtyard installation. A punchy red accent runs between the two spaces, visually tying them together with a cheerful tone.

Homes with Small Courtyards

Ideas on how to create your own little oasis in a city central setting with the installation of a small courtyard.


Unique Home with Skylights and Central Courtyard

A stunning example of a modern home featuring an outlook of an interior courtyard with a home library.

White kitchen glass backsplash

A Fresh Home With Open Living Area & Internal Courtyard

A fresh family home in Vietnam, complete with open plan living area, internal courtyards and plenty of greenery.

Central courtyard pool exterior staircase

Serene House with Courtyard Pond

Beautiful central courtyard in an home that is shut away from urban life with bamboo screens and curtains of nature.

courtyard design inspiration


Courtyards of exterior and interior design create a serene nature space in which to relax.


Courtyard Design and Landscaping Ideas

Courtyard and Landscape design centered around water features and fresh gardens. Includes, tips, videos and inspirational pictures...


Interior Courtyards

Inspiration ideas for interior Courtyards