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Check out the dining area  where additional boards swing into place to create more space.

3 Homes that Make Bold Use of Wood

Each of these three homes has its own character but each also uses wood to great, stylish effect.

In the second home, white dominates. A large white sofa stands in contrast to dark brown rugs and walls, which creates an almost regal effect. A bit of exposed wood and brick in the home office has its own rustic charm while the bedroom trends back towards royalty with its canopy bed and chandelier.

5 Spaces with Comfortable, Neutral Designs

Five homes visualized to be cozy, comfortable, and dominated by grays and creams.

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Patterned area rugs are good options in smaller spaces because they add color and excitement without hemming in the room with dark walls.

40 More 2 Bedroom Home Floor Plans

40 home floor plans for two bedroom houses and apartments.

The first space comes from designer Mario Stoica, who uses a range of colors and modern textures to create a comfortable, vibrant space. In the living room, light grays provide a neutral canvas for different shades of green, giving the space the feeling of new growth and new beginnings, which is perfect for a young and growing family. The open floor plan makes it easy to relax on one of the large sofas or sit for a few hours and refuse to eat your broccoli, if necessary.

2 Luxury Apartment Designs For Young Couples

Step inside these luxury apartments for young couples with kids.

This small one bedroom has a colorful kitchen and tiny balcony, making it perfect for a young couple.

40 More 1 Bedroom Home Floor Plans

Take a look at 40 different ways to layout a one bedroom apartment.


IKEA 2016 Catalog

Take a look at IKEA's 2016 catalog. Includes pictures of IKEA 2016 living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more.

The second home is not all that different from the first. Muted browns and silky yellows are once again used in concert for what becomes a natural and almost celebratory palette. An indoor tree in this home manages to extend the early elements of the design.

Similarly Simple Designs with a Bright and Cheerful Tone

Cheerful yellow and bright blue make these two homes pretty and perky in their simplicity.

And as demonstrated in all of the other designs, there's an appreciation for the idea of playing. Butova plays with colors, lights, shapes, textures, and materials to create spaces that are truly unique but always feel comforting.

Four Interiors by Juliya Butova

Colorful and inspirational interiors from a talented artist. Explore whimsy, color, and geometry in four family-friendly spaces.

Even the most stylized spaces need to have space to relax. This modern home features a spacious living room that includes a massive, modern sectional. It's an ideal area for entertaining, with a flat screen television that hangs amid a custom shelving unit as a piece of art. Any number of people could easily lounge, socialize, and enjoy this modern home.

Sleek Interiors for a Range of Personalities

In five homes from designer Ewelina Chawawko, you can see the range of styles that encompass modern interiors.

The first space is bright cheerful but not too busy. Colorful furnishings live in the same color family, giving a unified feeling to the living area, while a few contrasting elements add interest. A simple home office with extremely sleek furnishing options is truly a retreat for a creative - yet industrious - occupant while a bit of whimsy in the way of nautical elements and round, bubbly light fixtures keep the space warm and welcoming.

3 Examples of Modern Simplicity

These three visualized homes are the epitome of simple elegance with deep colors and rich materials.

Nature flows into the property seamlessly, as the lounge and deck are designed to merge into a centralized living space, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding sea. It's easy to imagine sea breezes and warm sunlight being taken in at every turn. This first home looks ideal for family holidays or entertaining, or perhaps a romantic retreat. A large contemporary living area offers a stunning panoramic view.

Three Modern Homes by Terri Brown

Blending modern design with natural landscapes, these renderings by Terri Brown are nothing short of exquisite. Three examples of...

The third space is nearly unrecognizable as being from the same designer. In contrast to the previous two homes, this space is sleekly modern. Still, you can see a bit of whimsy poking through, like in the bright orange fire feature and creative wall art. Otherwise, this space is plainer, with lots of clean, simple lines in the kitchen as well as the bedroom and lacks those same pops of color and light.

Four Homes from the Same Designer Showcase a Diversity of Style

Four designs from Nelly Prodan show off the designer's spectrum of style in different, modern ways.

The first space has turned its supports into design elements, using a column style that speaks to elegance rather than industry. The vaulted ceiling and oversized windows make the space feel wide open  while a brick ceiling and concrete floor ensure plenty of extravagant echoes. The division between spaces in this particular design are very fluid and barely perceptible, but carefully placed rugs and furniture does give some semblance of separate rooms.

Converted Industrial Spaces Becomes Gorgeous and Spacious Apartments

These warm industrial apartments have been - or will be - converted from desolate and soulless spaces but now welcome their guests...


Wood Slats Add Texture and Warmth to These Homes

See how the use of beautiful and unique wood slats can create a warm and beautiful atmosphere in nearly any room.

Everyone dreams of getting a good night sleep on long flights, but it's rarely possible. For your next transcontinental flight, those dreams could come true in a private stateroom complete with a King sized bed, blackout shades, and luxury linens. At the end of a transcontinental flight, you'll be fully rested and ready to start ruling the world.

This Private Plane is a Luxurious Dream Come True

Get a glimpse of the life of luxury that most people will never get to taste with this Boeing 747-8 done up for only the most excl...

The first project is a restoration of a hotel. By using FIBROTRANS concrete, designer Albert Abutov was able to create a unique separation between the main space of the room and the bathroom. The material allows sunlight to pass through into the bathroom during the day and lighting from the bathroom to illuminate the bedroom at night. These images give you a sense of how warm and almost otherworldly this material can be.

Amazing Translucent Concrete Opens a New World of Design Ideas

Learn about translucent concrete and see how it can give a totally modern and amazing look to both interiors and exteriors.

The first home is a country villa near the Russian port city of Taganrog. The low profile house is building into the side of a gently sloping hill, using stone and glass as its main materials. The upper deck of the house look more precarious than it is, actually bound in by a sturdy glass railing. The small outdoor pool is the perfect size for an evening swim, if not an Olympic event.

Modern Home Exteriors with Stunning Outdoor Spaces

These sleek modern home exteriors from the architects at Fedorova are incredible in their simplicity, surely instilling envy in ev...

The first room comes from visualized Greta Gre and features what is perhaps the most creative layout. A small living area on the first floor of the space is decorated with sleek, simple lines that include a geometric area rug and the modern answer to a college futon. But perched up above this space is a lofted area when the bed is situated. The bed lives in a white wire cage that extends out over the living room and is attached to the slanted wood ceiling. Spending a night in this cozy bed may not be for the faint of heart, but it's certainly for the stylistically inclined.

3 Creative Top Floor Rooms with Wood Accents

From pitched ceilings and lofted beds to creatively colorful area rugs, these three rooms would be fit for any young artist who is...


Inspirationally Modern Interiors From Pavel Voytov

These interiors from designer Pavel Voytov prove that beautiful modern design can also be comfortable.

The first creative apartment for a creative person comes from the design and architecture team at NORDES Design Group. At first glance, the cheeky superhero painting in the living room draws the eye entirely. This boldly colored piece is allowed to stand out because so much of the color scheme is neutral gray and white.

2 Creative Apartments Featuring Whimsical Art

Get your own creative juices flowing with a look inside these two fun and funky apartments with whimsical artwork and playful colo...

An L-shaped house allows for plenty of privacy in the bedroom win and tons of space in the living area.

25 More 3 Bedroom 3D Floor Plans

Find inspiration for your new space - or one you already have - in these meticulously designed 3D layouts from top designers.

This decadently decorated apartment is spectacularly spacious two bedroom option. With massive bedrooms and a huge open living area including a full kitchen and private patio, it would be an ideal retreat for a bachelor who needs a guest room or a pair of particularly stylish roommates.

25 More 2 Bedroom 3D Floor Plans

Get inspired for your own two bedroom home with these creative 3D renderings.

A spacious outdoor area and massive walk-in closet means this one bedroom could easily work for a couple - even when they need alone time.

25 One Bedroom House/Apartment Plans

A collection of twenty five effective 3d floor plan layouts for a 1 bedroom home.

Each bedroom in this layout has its own private bath, which can definitely cut back on the conflict that comes with living in a smaller space.

25 Two Bedroom House/Apartment Floor Plans

Check out 25 different ways that a two bedroom apartment can be a cozy and comfortable home.

The bedrooms in this layout are not particularly large, but spacious outdoor areas and a cozy living room mean there is still room to spread out and relax.

25 Three Bedroom House/Apartment Floor Plans

When you have three bedrooms to work with, there are a lot of possibilities. Get inspired by these 25 3d house plans.

The first apartment, from designer Artem Shelipov, is a 33 square meter (355 square feet) studio designed for a young man living by himself. The main room acts as both living and sleeping room with a large convertible piece of furniture taking center stage. It can easily move from sofa with central coffee table to relaxing bedroom with just a few motions.

Living and Sleeping Areas Exist in Harmony in these Comfortable Studio Spaces

Designing for studio apartments can be tricky, but these spaces are creatively organized so that it is easy to live, sleep, and re...

Clean lines and angular design are a focal point, but subtle textures in the brick and concrete walls create a lot of visual interest. Further, the black and white style can run the risk of feeling a bit too buttoned up as if from the dystopic future. Whimsical elements like a single electric green chair (we'll see this become a theme) and oversized lampshades give a bit of a nod and a wink to the style that could otherwise feel overbearing.

Tamizo, the Masters Of Black & White Design

Some inspirational interior designs in black & white. Take a look inside these high contrast interiors to see how black and white ...


Delicious Interiors with Natural Materials and Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

Gorgeous photos from photographer Tom Ferguson show off some of Australia's most amazing modern homes.

The first apartment uses colors that remind us of an art deco hotel on Miami Beach.

Open Apartments that Make Creative Use of Texture and Pattern

Texture and pattern can often be overlooked in interior design, but these apartments use both to create exciting and unique spaces...