Here you will find designs classified according to their style. Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Country, French style, Italian, Spanish, Oriental, Chinese, Japanese, well… you get the drift.

The Scandinavian design aesthetic can be an ideal choice for a young family because it focuses on practicality but leaves room for...




The use of concrete, richly colored wood, and furniture that has clean lines, but also soft texture, makes for a welcoming and ver...
These five apartments take design cues from the popular Scandinavian design style.
Whether you are a bachelor looking to redo your loft or want to bring a bit of the city style into your own home, these inspiratio...
Ah summer, the best time of year. Nature is at its finest and life is good. It is such a perfect time to go on vacation. But of co...
White walls need not be boring. These spacious apartments from Poland, Italy and Russia show how white can transform Scandinavian,...
These homes embody springtime themes, their natural wood interiors brightened by pastel color accents.
Three studios demonstrate minimalist, Scandinavian, and luxury decor themes.
Inject some colour into your Scandinavian interior. Pastel wall decals, polka dot walls and Unfold Pendants make a splash beside t...
These studios use stylish glass walls to break up their open layout floor plans.
These studio apartments use inspiring bedroom layouts.
House with front lawn

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