Find creative bathroom design ideas here. Small bathroom designs, concepts for large and luxurious bathrooms, bathrooms for kids, all go here.

The first bathroom is a visualization of a bathroom carved into rock, giving the space the feeling and appearance of being located in a cave. The craggy walls stand in contrast but also harmony with the smooth ceramic fixtures, which represent the way in which natural caves and rocks are worn away to a shine over thousands of years.

5 Luxury Bathrooms In High Detail

Whether we're washing our faces, putting on makeup, or shampooing, a beautiful bathroom is a luxury we can all get behind.

An elevated platform puts this stunning marble tub on display while large windows fold open for the truly indulgent experience of bathing in the open ocean.

Ultra Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Take a look inside these enviable bathrooms and get inspired to make your own private retreat that much more luxurious.

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The elaborate archways over the tub are reminiscent of the Taj Mahal and its Mughal-style design.

Luxurious Bathrooms with Stunning Design Details

Take a peek inside some truly decadent bathrooms that will make you want to settle into a bubble bath and never leave again.

From Valencia, Spain, Cuantico's 3D bath visualization combines a vista of deck and rolling hills with rough-hewn board floors and potted cacti, succulents, a tree, tropical plants and vines, as well as a focal point oculus to let in more natural light, and a sculptural rough stone in the foreground.

Sunlight Streams into Bathrooms Connected to Nature

A collection of beautiful bathrooms from around the world which feature bathtubs as a primary feature.

A minimalistic white slab takes on extra character with the incorporation of a blue splash shaped hollow.

30 Extraordinary Sinks That You Will Not Find In An Average Home

A modern mix of unusual bathroom sinks: Glass, wood, tiled, grated and concealed wash basins.

A long letterbox fireplace provides a slither of glorious heat to the room, situated above the bathtub, for long soaks under the bubbles. The bath tub has been partially obscured by frosted glass panels, giving the whole look a secretive element, like a wintertime hideaway.

An In-depth Look at 8 Luxury Bathrooms

Eight stunning bathroom design schemes to inspire the highest luxury in bathing spaces.

This block walnut vanity unit with integrated basin keeps a contemporary scheme looking streamlined. The wall mounted faucet takes the form of a neat glass shelf, complete with a place for a small floral display.

Ultra Modern Italian Bathroom Design

Forward-thinking bathroom furniture, including contemporary vanity unit design, unusual bathtubs and futuristic basins.

Not everyone has the luxury of an enormous shower room like the one pictured here, but that doesn't mean that we can't take inspiration from its striking décor. Large slate gray tiles look great even in a small room, as large tiles generally increase the look of space in confined quarters. In this example, striking color is washed over the top of the sombre ceramics in the form of bright blue LED lighting. LED lights are great for use in bathrooms, and programmable sets will even allow you to change their color to suit your mood or the time of day.

Shower Room Design

A gorgeous gallery of superb shower room design, filled with contemporary shower fixtures, beautiful decor and inspirational setti...

The zesty orange furniture in this one really work against the lime stripes, but we're not sure that promoting laptop use in the bathroom is the best idea-steam is not your laptop's friend!

Top to Toe Lavish Bathrooms

Bathroom design inspiration with beautiful tile combination ideas.

Modern Natural Bath Fittings & Accessories Shower 1

Bath Fittings & Accessories from Dornbracht

Ritual architecture is a theme constant in Dornbracht's collections of bath fittings and accessories. They combine technology with...

Delux Home Creation Studio for Be Yourself Bathroom Visualization 1

Modern Bathroom Inspiration

Places of escape, bathrooms are the ultimate interior space in which to experiment with form and style.

Modern bathroom with natural elements

Modern Bathrooms with Spa-Like Appeal

A list of expansive bathrooms that induce a spa like sense of luxury.

Davide P

Bathtubs with a View of Nature

Get back to nature with these bathrooms surrounded by greenery, for a serene bathing experience.

Green white small bathroom ideas

Small Bathroom Design

Small but beautiful bathroom designs to suite the modest proportions of most modern homes.

White IKEA bathroom

IKEA Bathrooms

Super Scandi bathroom styling from Swedish designers IKEA, with space maximizing ideas for dual purpose places.

A glossy pebble shaped bathtub emerges from a solid concrete surround for a stunning contrast of style.

Sleek Bathrooms by Danelon Meroni

Chic bathroom design with organic shaping and imaginative silhouettes.

Via DelphaA rich Moroccan approach is decadent and passionate in a stunning purple palette, and twinkling mosaic tiles.

Bathrooms of the World

A look at how to use style influence from around the world in our bathrooms.

The vast collections of unique tiles now available on the market should be approached in a similar fashion to how we choose our wallpapers, being the first thought for a room scheme rather than an afterthought; browse until you find a design you truly love and base the rest of your palette and silhouettes around that.

Divine Bathroom Designs

Stunning tiled bathrooms full of glamor, intricacy and texture from a collection at FAP.

Open plan luxury ensuite bathroom

A Fresh Take on Bath Tubs

Modern designs for open plan ensuites, compact fitted bathrooms, and nature inspired spaces.


Bathrooms By Rockstar Designers

Innovative new bathroom design at Hansgrohe, created by elite product designers.

black bathroom basins

Unique Bathrooms by ArtCeram

Unique, modern bathrooms by ArtCeram. including coffee cup shaped basins and cow print sanitary ware!

When it comes to combining vintage and modern, that's a job that is quite tricky if you're not a genuine professional. It can look abruptly put together, and even clashing. But it seems to us that this designer passed yet another test - just look what she did with this warm, luxurious bathroom which combines modern furniture in a strong colour, with strong patterns and decors on the tiles and the glass doors. Who would say that halogen lights above the mirror go so well with vintage patterns on these voluptuous red tiles?

Jaw-droppingly Gorgeous Bathrooms That Combine Vintage With Modern

A fantastic collection of bathrooms that mix the modern and vintage styles. Designed by Irina Schastlivaya.

purple black and white graphic print bathroom

Unique Bathroom Designs by Daymon Studio and Semsa Bilge

Spruce up your bathroom by taking cues from innovative designers Daymon Studio and Semsa Bilge, who incorporate vibrant colors, gr...

Instead of the little old woman who lived in a shoe you can be the lavish woman who bathed in a shoe. SICIS designed these glass mosaic shoe tubs.

Designer Bathtubs

A post that features 10 awesome designer bathtubs for that dream home of yours.

purple bathtub

Beautiful Bathtubs by BluBleu

BluBleu manufactures high quality exclusive bathtubs in a variety of finished making a unique addition to your bathroom.

black and white bathroom

50 Modern Bathrooms

50 stunningly beautiful modern bathroom designs from an Italian designer. [Must see pictures]


Bathrooms A L’abode!

A set of beautiful inspiring bathrooms that lay emphasis on color rich styles.


Inspiring Bathroom Designs for the Soul

Pictures of beautiful bathrooms that will help relax your mind and body.


11 Wildly Artistic Bathrooms

A list of wildly artistic bathrooms that stretch creativity. Should provide good inspiration.