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The first loft comes from visualizer Pavel Vetrov. Rather than the typical concrete that you will find in many lofts, this particular space has a large amount of brick, which immediately gives it a leg up when it comes to warmth.

3 Stylish Industrial Inspired Loft Interiors

These stylish lofts are each unique, putting their own stylish spin on the idea of industrial loft design.

The first stunning space is a multi-level loft with sky high windows. Bare bulbs dangle from long wires, lighting up the main living room like fireflies at night while sun streams in and across the beachy inspired furnishings and chevron striped throw pillows by day. Of all the impressive features, you cannot help but be drawn to the stunning second floor library, where white shelving reaches the ceiling and is stacked high with beautiful books.

Wondrous White: Three Lofts with Clean, Bright Interiors

Three gorgeous lofts use plenty of white to create modern, clean interiors that are not afraid of a few spills.

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The height of the apartment lent itself perfectly to a lofted design, which really maximizes the space options. The building once housed the printing press for city's first newspaper, before it became a standard apartment and then took on this lofted design.  The bedroom, a private space, is open and bright but still entirely removed from the main living area, where the action is. The two spaces are connected by a simple and safe stairwell.

A Super Small Apartment That Adapts To Its Owner’s Needs

This minimalist apartment leaves space for different configurations, making it a perfect place to entertain or relax in style.

The loft includes an open floor plan and exposed ductwork, both of which are quite common in this style of apartment. In this particular space, the ductwork has been painted white which prevents it from feeling quite so industrial. The gridwork of light fixtures on the ceiling is also a creative addition.

Warm Industrial Style Shines in a St. Petersburg Loft

Natural materials and creative design create a space that manages to marry nature with industry in the spacious St. Petersburg lof...


Hungarian Loft Design Uses a Simple Aesthetic for Big, Stylish Results

Despite a wholly minimalist style, the pops of color that dance about in this Budapest loft bring a joyful bounciness to the loft ...


7 Inspirational Loft Interiors

Get inspired by these modern, stylish lofts that feature massive windows, vaulted ceilings and fashionable furnishings. Looking to...


Three Creative Lofts Fit for Stylish Artists

Loft living is not only for artists anymore, but these creative designs would be perfect for anyone with a little spark of creativ...

Upon a first look into the living room, you are instantly struck by the warm wood ceiling and sweeping wide windows.

Karakoy Loft Uses Rich Wood Features and Creative Industrial Elements

An Istanbul loft, designed for a bachelor occupant, utilizes gorgeous iroko wood and cement flooring to create a luscious and touc...

Teresa Sapey Loft Living-Overall

Industrial meets Refined in a Loft in a Former Garage, France

Designer Teresa Sapey transforms an old garage into a beautiful modern style loft in Bordeaux, France.

From this view we see the open stairs.  Storage has been added to steps two, three and four.  Though the look of the stairs would change a bit, more of the same storage could be incorporated all the way up.  This stairs would not be ideal for senior citizens. Also we are pretty sure this  would break a few building regulations.

Loft Design Inspiration

We feature 4 lofts that use 4 different design styles.

open concept design 1

An Artful Loft Design

Beautifully decorated loft which uses tasteful art to create a stand out design.

small loft design

Beautiful Loft Design: A Solution to Space Shortage

A small beautiful and liveable loft space carved out of an existing open plan office.

1 crazy comfortable leather sofa

Eclectic Bachelor Retreat

Industrial elements meet comfortable furnishings and playful decor in this loft designed for a bachelor.

Mid-century modern furnishings and large-format modern photographs give this loft living room a balanced retro and modern feel.

Two Beautiful Urban Lofts Visualized

Two city lofts, visualized by different graphic artists, are filled with modern and mid-century modern furnishings, loads of textu...

A particularly captivating element within this space is the principal pendant light that like the chrysalis of an exotic butterfly, crowns the relaxed lounge and creates a similar ambiance to that which is emitted by the neutral palette of the sofas and the haute design appeal of the deconstructed and quilted 'Eamesesque' chair with ottoman.

Industrial Loft With Organic Traits [Visualized]

This loft submission from RIP3D is both traditional and organic, which makes for an uncharacteristically softened space.

Modern loft layout

White Lofts

Cool, chic and contemporary, these white loft apartments are the perfect hangout for young professionals and hipsters.

Purple modular sofa

A Hipster Loft!

Check out this quirky loft space, looking like it belongs to an prolific artist, and exuding all of the same creative energy!

Loft number 1, by Alexander Uglyanitsa, is an interesting and unusual design developed for a Minsk, Belarus project, with furniture mostly Riva by Pininfarina.

Industrial Lofts

Three lovely loft spaces, displaying great use of open plan layout, ranging from a warm and cozy color palette to cooler neutral h...

Via Archinteriors vol. 27Luxurious lighting arrangements are all important in interiors without boundaries, clusters of smaller pendant shades or large statement lights help to create zoning in wide open spaces, drawing the eye to the center of each allocated area and encouraging a visual pause. Apart from the aesthetics of your decorative shades, task lighting must be considered for practical reasons-you don't want to be carrying a lamp from area to area with you!

Studio Lofts

Fabulous loft layouts to inspire your open plan spaces. Luxurious lighting ideas and furniture placement flow.

The bedroom sees a mini mezzanine level, to make use of the lofty ceiling height, which is utilized as a small study area. The separation of work zone from the bedroom area creates a more relaxing sleep space once the busy day is done.

Casual Loft Style Living

Nonchalant loft style with a cunningly crisp undertone, perfect for trendy young professionals.

Fitted shelves flank the walls of several areas in the home, including the bedroom, where books appear to take precedence over anything else, including clothes and accessories; twin bedsides hold simple black reading lamps to illuminate all of that bedtime reading material.

London Loft House Renovation

The revitalization a cold work space into a private apartment full of warmth and stylish contemporary design.

A green wall of plants grows vertically through the home, to bring the softness of nature into the manmade environment, running from the living-dining space down to the lower floor containing the lounge-home office space, plus the secondary living area that leads to the spacious master bedroom.

Industrial Loft Apartment in Kiev

The height of trendy loft living from the Ukraine, featuring cool industrial style.

Industrial open plan kitchen lounge

Raw Look Loft in Düsseldorf

Minimalist-industrial loft from the Second World War, Germany; original raw structure behind a glass facade.

colorful red white open plan living area

Dashingly Colorful Loft Design

Modern art gallery-like loft visualization by Konstantin Andreev, splashes of warm color against a stark white backdrop.

industrial loft with white and navy blue

Industrial Loft

Ando-Studio designs an industrial-style loft fit for the modern-day artist.

berlin loft entertainment area

Loft Design

Take a cue from loft designs worldwide in decorating your large studio or loft space. (Includes pictures of lofts from Paris, Mila...

Stepped down libraryand Le Corbusier chair

Beautiful Studio Loft of a Swedish Artist

Carouschka Streijffert designed this unusual loft studio in 2007 incorporating various forms of geometry. The historic nature of t...

new classic style loft - inside

New Classic Style Loft in France

A textile mill that has been given a complete make over and modified to be a loft.