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Style & Simplicity in a Japanese Countryside Prefab Home

The mismatched minimalism of this Japanese "tree house" create a warm and welcoming haven for a happy couple.

The second apartment is also a renovation, this time of a 75 square meter (800 square foot) home in Western Australia. The renovation was undertaken by Clare Cousins Architects and was necessary to make a warm and open home for a young family who was expecting their first child.

Two Apartments In Modern Minimalist Japanese Style (Includes Floor Plans)

Two apartments that show off the great Japanese way of using negative space and minimalism to create a wow effect.

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Bamboo and green fronds bring a sense of calm.

Zen Inspired Interior Design

A huge collection of zen inspired interiors, with a look at how traditional Japanese decor has influenced cool contemporary spaces...

Inside, once again we see an open, minimalist living space with ladders leading to more private nooks.

Japanese Minimalist Home Design

The designs of these Japanese homes favor space and simplicity over furnishing and extravagance.

mountain cube cabin

Minimalist Home In The Mountains

This Japanese mountain cabin offers retreat by way of different cube variations, resulting in a truly spectacular and creative int...

The living area serves a dual purpose. The mounted television provides area for entertainment while the convertible bed/sofa is a place for entertaining as well as sleep.

Modern Japanese House

With an ever-present mind towards space efficiency, this modern Japanese house makes use of every square foot while maintaining a ...

Japanese rock sand garden

Japanese Zen Gardens

A post covering common aspects involved in designing a Japanese garden. Includes rock gardens, moss gardens, koi fish ponds, japan...

japanese minimalist design

Japanese Style Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design: Traditional zen philosophy inspires the simplistic, natural essence found in minimalist architecture and...

Open plan living area

Minimalist Japanese Prefab House

Light and airy Japanese minimalist home with open plan dual level living room and mezzanine landing.

The color palette of the home walks through the white spectrum, with bright walls and creamier furniture hues, though a splash of brown has been introduced in carefully placed pieces to accentuate the knotty wood tones.

Simple Open Plan Living

Another cool minimalist Japanese interior washed in white and warmed by wood tones.

Steel backsplash

Japanese Minimalism: The Ant House

The Japanese cube house with a free-space interior devoid of dividing walls.

Concrete and glass building

Concrete Stack and Glass House

Industrial style architecture, built from surplus concrete factory blocks and sheet glass.

Via DelphaA rich Moroccan approach is decadent and passionate in a stunning purple palette, and twinkling mosaic tiles.

Bathrooms of the World

A look at how to use style influence from around the world in our bathrooms.

At the front of the home, a towering glass façade overlooks a zen-like courtyard, on the approach to a minimalist entranceway flanked in wood. Slender trees soften the lines of the modernistic architecture and encourage a more naturalistic feel that in turn leads into the pure materials of the interior.

Modern Japanese Home

Slick Japanese architecture where traditional ideals meet modern minds.

Dent Cube with Patches of Green

Creative Wall Tiles From Japan

Architect Teruo Yasuda and his vision of tiles for INAX.

zen kitchen and courtyard

Modern Japanese Kitchens

A set of beautiful Japanese style modern kitchens from Toyo Kitchens.

beautiful house

Japanese House in the Forest (Visualized)

A beautiful house set in a wonderful natural setting, visualized by Ando Studio.

kitchen timber finish

Interior Design with Wood, White and Green Accents

The firm of Japanese Suppose Design Studio are becoming increasingly well known for their clean simple interiors, using wood, whit...


Super Thin Apartment in Tokyo

A narrow apartment is designed at a tilt so the view won't be so symmetrically typical.


Love Themed Hotel in Tokyo

A hotel that was built for the temporary use of a design exhibit commemorating Tokyo Designers Week 2010 and the Love created betw...


The House that Parks a Lamborghini in the Living

A home with an elevator that shares the same living space with a Lamborghini.


Japanese House with a Sea View

Beautiful house on a mountain overlooking the sea. (Spectacular View).


Beautiful House Overlooking the Ocean

Beautifully renovated japanese home by the ocean.


Cute Space Saving House In Tokyo

One of the smallest yet most appreciated houses in the architectural world. This house in Tokyo is grabbing eyeballs from people a...


Japanese Kitchens

Inspirational pictures of japanese style kitchens both modern and traditional