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In true loft form, the main living area is completely open with easy movement from a fully outfitted modern kitchen space to a large living room and welcoming stylish entryway (complete with whimsical artwork/room divider). The polished concrete floors replaced older marble tile and give the room an instantly modern, industrial look.

An Eclectic Loft Designed for Cats (and their humans)

If a dog is man's best friend then a cat is man's best decorator.

Inside, the design is anything but humdrum. The chosen colors bounce about from throw pillow to fireplace, not matching one another but acting complementary in tone. The furnishings, many in rich leathers and supple cowhide give their nod to the American southwest while elements like mod coffee tables and even classical chandeliers give the space an eclectic and energetic feel.

An Eclectic Moscow Home Showcases Color and Creative Style

Architects for this spectacular Moscow home drew their inspiration from the python as walls and staircases wind and slither it's e...

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A bar area has been devised as the dividing wall between the lounge and kitchen areas, complete with quirky blackboard feature wall and flip-up bar surface.

A Cute Small Home with Beautiful Features

A truly beautiful small apartment design with an open plan layout in pretty pastel colors. Featuring concealed storage and space s...

Modern black sofa

Artists’ Studios in Modern, Eclectic & Vintage Styles

Get all arty with your interiors with this set of artists studio designs.

Via i29Clever cutaways create irregular windows into the storage spaces of this kitchen, along with a series of recesses dedicated to an army of glass jars that are filled with dried cooking ingredients that not only keep culinary delights within easy reach, but brings color and texture to an otherwise neutral design.

Open Kitchen Shelves Inspiration

Arrange your kitchen paraphernalia to perfection on homey open kitchen shelving.


Unique Home with Skylights and Central Courtyard

A stunning example of a modern home featuring an outlook of an interior courtyard with a home library.

The charcoal gray walls are lifted by the presence of a bright white ceiling, and a large cream area rug sprawling from beneath the end of the bed, and the vintage style chest at it's foot.

Industrial Bedrooms with Divine Detail

Two unique bedroom walkthroughs that are packed with exquisite detail and industrial style accessorization.

Purple modular sofa

A Hipster Loft!

Check out this quirky loft space, looking like it belongs to an prolific artist, and exuding all of the same creative energy!

Via Archinteriors vol. 27Luxurious lighting arrangements are all important in interiors without boundaries, clusters of smaller pendant shades or large statement lights help to create zoning in wide open spaces, drawing the eye to the center of each allocated area and encouraging a visual pause. Apart from the aesthetics of your decorative shades, task lighting must be considered for practical reasons-you don't want to be carrying a lamp from area to area with you!

Studio Lofts

Fabulous loft layouts to inspire your open plan spaces. Luxurious lighting ideas and furniture placement flow.

small dining space

Moody Melancholic Interiors

Bulgarian artist Plamen Nedev's visualization of some gray, gloomy and pensive interiors. Truly inspirational.

small apartment dining

An Architect’s Apartment in Brazil

Beautiful apartment of Brazilian Architect Mauricio Arruda located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

levels of warmth in living room

New Interior Design Trends Are Revealing

A few concepts that experiment with whites and minimalistic style. [Some very Scandinavian design styles here]


A Modern Eclectic House Tour

A house tour photographed for its eclectic style and open space plan.


12 Beautiful Living Rooms Photographed by Richard Powers

Richard Powers photography captures the beauty of interior spaces.


Interior Photography From Pia Ulin

Swedish photographer Pia Ulin takes beautiful and inspiring pictures of interiors.


A Designer Couple’s Home

A beautiful house in New York designed by a designer couple.


An Interior Decorator’s Home

A beautiful Interior decorator's house


A Chic House In London

A chic house in Kensal Rise, London.


Beautiful Georgian house in London

A delightful house that speaks for itself!


Luxury House in Vancouver – Parthenon Place

Images of a highly luxurious real estate in Vancouver Area