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The exterior has a modern gothic feel to it, with different levels stacked haphazardly on top of one another and jutting out in different directions. It's as if the Addams Family had to buy a new house and no turrets or widow's walks were allowed.

An Opulent Chinese Mansion Straight Out of the 80s

With tons of marble and lots of furniture, this decadent design is a far cry from modern minimalism and a shout out to the me gene...


Modern Apartment Designs by Phase6 Design Studio

3 Inspirational modern Taiwanese homes.

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Wide ranges of materials (cold marble, warm wood, and soft leather) stack to create layers to the space, infusing contemporary architecture’s sense with sensibility.

A Literary Take on Fantasia Interior Designs

4 outstanding designs from an asian firm. We use books to tell a story about them!


3 Designs by Love Design: A Mad Men Inspired Take

Modern minimalist design inspiration from China.

At 1424 square feet (132 square meters), this apartment presents a unique solution to a ceiling problem, in which there was a height difference that threw off the interior's aesthetics. To correct, the ceiling in the living area as given a beveled design, in addition to a sloping ceiling shape. This created a space that looked - and felt - longer and wider. Designed by Huang Yi Feng and Li Yuzhi, this apartment is located in the Taichung area of Taiwan and features a modern design, including a living room, dining room, kitchen, guest suite with bathroom, study, and master bedroom with bathroom.

2 Beautifully Modern Minimalist Asian Designs

Some beautiful example of modern asian minimalism.

The first home is a four bedroom space in Taipei that measures 2562 square feet (238 square meters). The two story home is quite spacious and manages to incorporate both sleek, Asian-inspired design and a bit of playful whimsy. This tongue-in-cheek style is immediately evident in the living room where, in lieu of a coffee table, we find a few hewn tree trunks on a grassy area rug, accompanied by a lemon-esque love seat. It's the perfect place for children of any age to relax.

Minimalist Luxury From Asia: 3 Stunning Homes By Free Interior

The three homes in this post are inspiring in terms of their minimalism but also how they manage to incorporate plenty of personal...


Style & Simplicity in a Japanese Countryside Prefab Home

The mismatched minimalism of this Japanese "tree house" create a warm and welcoming haven for a happy couple.

The furniture holds simple lines within the smooth walls that lie beyond the ornately patterned floor of the entryway.

Low Key Luxury

Tasteful luxury from Tienmu Shibayama, where sophisticated interiors brim with quiet quality.

The Udang House, for example, is one of the most unique vacation homes in Bali. Situated above a fresh shrimp pond, this Bambu Indah favorite showcases a tempered glass floor not unlike the one we saw on Patrick Blanc's home office. Relax and watch the shrimp swim in the comfort of your house - a once in a lifetime experience. This bedroom shot intrigued us so much that we ended up looking for the photographer behind it. We were not disappointed. Check out the making of this scene in the video featured at the end of the article.

Mesmerizing Bambu Inda Resort, Bali

An exotic holiday resort in Indonesia with a fantasy bedroom with glass floor.

Bamboo and green fronds bring a sense of calm.

Zen Inspired Interior Design

A huge collection of zen inspired interiors, with a look at how traditional Japanese decor has influenced cool contemporary spaces...

Black coffee table

Two Chic Apartments with Adaptable Home Style

Two gorgeous apartment designs that feature neutral decor palettes, entertainment feature walls, marble clad bathrooms and streaml...

The shelving in this dining room has been decorated with delicate teapots and china, which act as little gems of color against sombre gray alcoves.

Some Stunningly Beautiful Examples Of Modern Asian Minimalistic Decor

A collection of minimalistic home design schemes with a definite Asian flair. Featuring living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and b...

Beginning in the living room, the eye is tantalised by an abundance of rich shades under atmospheric lighting. A flatscreen TV is nestled in the midst of a chic panel design, situated behind a low slung modern entertainment unit that has been decorated with classic accessories. Over on the plush couch, both the standard back cushions and scatter cushions alternate in color, introducing a soft heather hue to cool cream upholstery. A huge piece of floral wall art above the seating area ties in the tones and rains added elegance over the space.

Sophisticated Home With Asian Tone

A plush home interior with many beautiful ideas for decoration and furnishings, covering living room, dining, bedroom and bathroom...

The living area serves a dual purpose. The mounted television provides area for entertainment while the convertible bed/sofa is a place for entertaining as well as sleep.

Modern Japanese House

With an ever-present mind towards space efficiency, this modern Japanese house makes use of every square foot while maintaining a ...

monochrome lounge with light organic accents

Enduring Inspiration from Vic Nguyen

Beautiful visualizations from Vietnam based designer Vic Nguyen

pendant-lit modern living dining with wall inset fish tank

Shanghai Apartment With Modern Minimalist Flair

A modern, minimalist exercise in interior design in the Asian tradition.

luxury chinese style home

East meets West: An Exercise in Interior Adaptation [100 Images]

100 Images that show off Continental styles implemented within typically Chinese design philosophy.

A large piece of wall art is allowed to speak volumes in this serene setting.

Asian Apartment With Neutral Decor

The subtlety of this neutral home interior reaches a modestly modern outcome without being overly slick.

The platform bed of this room is framed in such a way that the headboard continues along the window wall acting as a desk and onto the opposite wall as a dresser.

Modern Semi-Minimilist Design

Asian inspired home by Taiwanese firm WCH Interiors.

Open plan living area

Minimalist Japanese Prefab House

Light and airy Japanese minimalist home with open plan dual level living room and mezzanine landing.

Dining bench

Taiwanese Apartment With Simple Layout and Punchy Palette

An open plan Taiwanese apartment that holds style in its simplicity and warmth in its accent color.

Sophisticated living room

Adding Interest to Neutral Decor

Add texture and unexpected splashes of colour to your neutral home decor palette.

White coffee table

Asian Inspired Decor and Accessories

Exquisite interior design inspired by a distinctly Asian influence, filled with elegant silhouettes and delicate pattern.

Steel backsplash

Japanese Minimalism: The Ant House

The Japanese cube house with a free-space interior devoid of dividing walls.

The breezy color palette dances over the blue and green color spectrum within the accessories and accent furnishings, and the hues play beautifully against the gentle blonde wood tones and tile.

A Modern Asian Minimalistic Apartment

Delicate Eastern interior design style for a contemporary living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Via DelphaA rich Moroccan approach is decadent and passionate in a stunning purple palette, and twinkling mosaic tiles.

Bathrooms of the World

A look at how to use style influence from around the world in our bathrooms.

Our chaotic homes are calling out for a temple-like peace, serene Buddha sculptures have traveled far and wide, becoming equally popular in Western homes for this very reason.

Asian Inspired Interiors

Create a zen-like calm in the hustle and bustle of your modern home with eastern inspired decor principals.

Wood paneling entertainment wall lounge

Sophisticated Elegance of Chinese Interiors

Interior design ideas for a sophisticated living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom, in elegant color palettes.

large crystal chendelier led strip lights

Exquisite Wall Coverings from China

A selection of enchanting murals, pretty wallpapers and decadent wall decals from China.