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Forget the patent wars with Apple,  Samsung's test lab uses some of these drawings as cool art murals, both interesting to look at and fitting with the theme of their surroundings.

10 Unusual Wall Art Ideas

Are you getting a little bored of the your boring old plain walls? Then check out these ten tips to add a bit of wow!


100 Beautiful Bird Sculptures Made Out Of Paper

Flock around and take a gander at this whimsical collection of paper-craft bird sculpture by Diana Beltran Herrera.

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bird shattered CD modern sculpture Sean Avery

Stunning Sculptures Made from Discarded CD Fragments

Artist creates mixed media sculptures of animals and insects in stunning colors, using broken CDs and recycled materials.

Now this style of wallpaper will not be for everyone, but some of these designs form murals that can be appreciated by most as a striking piece of art. Images from Latin-American folklore are brought to life with enchanting characters in vivid color, you might spot a very stylized illustration of a Little Red Riding Hood reminiscent tale amongst them, complete with a big bad wolf.

Beautiful Illustrative Wallpapers

Intricate Illustrative Wallpapers by Catalina Estrada: character murals, floral patterns, geometric and bird designs.

Coffee vinyl wall decal

Vinyl Wall Decals

Try some vinyl wall decals to liven up a plain wall or a boring corner in your home, with abstract designs, blossoming trees and f...

blue red poster prints

Retro Poster Prints

Cool retro & vintage style poster prints from an Etsy shop. (Scandinavian prints, typographic prints and eye chart poster prints a...


Stunning Quilling Designs By Yulia Brodskaya

Illustrator and paper artist Yulia Brodskaya creates fantastic quilling designs. Check out these gorgeous images for paper quillin...

computer parts woman wall art

Stunning Wall Art created from Electronic Components

Murilo Melo designs computer-inspired wall art for Companhia Athletica gyms.

pixel couch

Pixel Inspiration in Decor

If you ever wanted to be inspired by the tiny dots that make up your screen, you will love this. Includes pictures of interior acc...


Creative Recreations of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water

Artists of today, inspired by Wright's famous Falling Water House and the Guggenheim Museum, attempt to recreate those famous work...

clay tomatoes

Cute Clay Figurines by Afsaneh Tajvidi

Canada-based artist Tajvidi sculpts adorable clay figurines.


Amazing Paper Sculptures

We showcase Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls' impressive collection of paper wildlife sculptures.

vinyl clock5 recycled art

The Art of Recycling

Common household items 'hacked' to make them useful in alternative ways


Eerily Fascinating Grass Sculptures

Amazing grass sculptures by artist Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy


Fresco Designs

Fresco art work by company Marianiaffreschi shows what contemporary mural work inspired.


Household junk Recycled into Portrait Masterpieces

Artist Zac Freeman creates portrait images out of household trash. [Must See]


3 Awesome miniature buildings you’ll wish were real!

A brilliant display of amazingly detailed miniature buildings that would make you wish you could zap yourself to the size of a bee...


Super Creative Electricity Transmission Line Towers

Award winning electric transmission line tower design by American architects Choi + Shine Architects


Stunning Artwork: Famous Personalities & Scenes Recreated from Tape & Paper

Artwork seen on Flickr created with cassette tape and paper.


What insanely creative people do with waste newspapers

An artist's way of recycling the creative way - Stunning newspaper sculptures


Awesome Pixel Art Decor Pieces

Sculptor Shawn Smith creates harmony between the digital world and our natural world.


Fantastic City Made from Toothpicks

A city made from toothpicks designed by Stan Munro


Beautiful Color Paper Sculptures

Amazing art from paper made by one of the top paper sculptors.


17 Stunning Life Forms Created from Waste

beautiful ways to recycle and reclaim waste


Cool DNA and Biometric Art!

DNA 11 gives you your DNA on portraits. You are free to customize it as you like, with their extensive database of various colors ...


Amazing Garage Door Art!

Realistic looking Art and designs on garage doors that make them appear to house airplanes and elephants!


Stunning Paper Crafts from Ingrid Siliakus

Amazing pieces of paper architecture made from single piecs of paper.


Dream Paper Castle!

Pictures of an amazing paper castle created after 4 years of hardwork!


Prints That Add Style To The Room

Pictures of prints and photos that add style to the room