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This section includes general topics that don’t fall into any other category.


Interior Design, Literally.

Take a look at this unique toy design of tiny rooms and outdoor spaces that make up a sort of pop-up blueprint of a house, and als...


Amazing Paper Sculptures

We showcase Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls' impressive collection of paper wildlife sculptures.

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Home Designing Featured on Pulse!

Home Designing has been selected as a featured source in Pulse, a beautiful free news application for mobile devices.

mod and classic hallway with purple accents

Beautiful home interiors rendered by Dmitry Kobtsev

Designer Dmitry Kobstev renders retro-futuristic spaces with character, hints of color and luxury.

modern room with garden view

Realistic Interior Visualizations by Thang Nguyen

Nguyen designs a sleek, simple, and modern beach-side abode that invites the outdoors in and fosters the tenant's connection to th...

kitchen neon underglow

Flowing Open Interiors from Euromobil

Very open and dynamic designs from Italian furniture house Euromobil.


Rublyovka Houses: Where Russia’s Super-elite Live

Pictures of luxurious homes and apartments located in the super posh Rublyovka area near Moscow

Cigarette bed. This should be easy.

World No Tobacco Day:6 Things That Remind You Not To Smoke

Some innovative home items that just might send a message to heavy smokers.

levels of warmth in living room

New Interior Design Trends Are Revealing

A few concepts that experiment with whites and minimalistic style. [Some very Scandinavian design styles here]

schizophrenic modest great room

KUAN Studio Contemplates Senses

Beautiful spaces visualized by Uruguay based studio KUAN.

curvy minimal

Contemporary Bedrooms from Presotto

Set of pictures of contemporary bedrooms from Italian maker Presotto.

dinner party

Palace Like Interiors

Picture of palace like royal interiors visualized by professionals.

wallpaper evolved wall-mural-4

Photo Wallpapers for Every Room

Eye catching photo wallpapers that make a huge difference to the room. Some fabulous pictures included.

invisible stairs

Fancy Staircase Treatments

A post that features some interesting staircase treatments that deviate from the ordinary. Has some great pictures of inspirationa...

11 flickr photo living space

Beautiful Indoor Renders

For those of you who aren't aware Flickr houses some very high quality computer generated renders of interior spaces. In particula...

Loft bookshelf

Bookshelf Fantasy

Beautiful blog featuring some outstanding bookshelf designs.

kitchen timber finish

Interior Design with Wood, White and Green Accents

The firm of Japanese Suppose Design Studio are becoming increasingly well known for their clean simple interiors, using wood, whit...

blue living

Splashes of colour in white interiors

Portfolio of interior stylist Sara Sjögren. Showcase of colorful, beautiful interiors.

modern interior

Beautiful Architectural Photography by James Silverman

Pictures of beautiful home and interiors by UK based photographer James Silverman


Tron Inspired Home Interiors from Dupont

Dupont and Disney teamed together at Milan Design Week and they featured these Tron inspired interiors


Unbelievable: Pixar’s Up Movie House Re-created in Real Life

Unbelievable floating balloon house seen in Pixar's Up movie re-created in real life.


7 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Impress Your Sweetheart

Valentine's Day Gifts to Impress Your Sweetheart (And Improve Your Home!)

vinyl clock5 recycled art

The Art of Recycling

Common household items 'hacked' to make them useful in alternative ways

Home Designing: The Best of 2010

Our top 10 posts from 2010.


Eerily Fascinating Grass Sculptures

Amazing grass sculptures by artist Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy


A New Year & A New Website!

Home Designing Announces new Fashion Blog -


A Luxury Vacation – Cruise Style

A luxury catamaran you can rent with 12 guests for an unforgettable vacation at sea.


Fresco Designs

Fresco art work by company Marianiaffreschi shows what contemporary mural work inspired.