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For the nerd within all of us, the setup features kit from various manufacturers, including:
Pioneer PDP-LX608D; Kef Ref's 205/2, 204/2C, 201/2, and XQ10's (all piano black); 2 x JL Audio Fathom F112's.(piano black); Denon 3800BD, 4308 (as processor); DCD700AE; Rotel 1575 & 1562; PS3 & Wii; Sky HD; Harmony 1000 (RF extender); Z-Wave & X-10 lighting; Chord Odyssey 4 cable, QED HDMI's, inter's & opticals.

Audio Video Junkie Nirvana: A Great Home Entertainment Setup

Amazing home gadget setup across several rooms in the home, a technology collection to envy!

Openarch Smart Home Projection Wall

Smart Homes: Are We There Yet?

Delve into our future with this look at the Openarch Smart Home, a real working prototype of a submersive digital living space.

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technology mirror in bathroom

Scientists Create A True Magic Mirror

Researchers at the NY Times Research Lab have created a high tech magic mirror.

Found on Swedish home tech forum Min Hembio, on member Z3m-Johan's page, this entertainment pad leaves no stone unturned.  For the tech savvy, here is the list: Audiovector AV3Ci Avantgarde , Audiovector S3 Avantgarde , Euroscreen Frame Vision Light VLS190-W 16:9 86 "(190x107) , Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K800 (S) , NAD 32A2 , Philips Prestigo SRT9320 , Primare CD31 , Primare SPA22.

A Massive Home Entertainment Setup

An elaborate home entertainment system setup including huge displays, PC and Mac connections, fully stacked video library and home...


7 Videos That Envision How Things Could Be In The Future

Futuristic appliances and home design concepts.


HiCan: The Ultimate Luxury Bed

The ultimate luxury bedding system with integrated home entertainment to keep you pampered


Futuristic Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media & Sustainability

An innovative exhibition marrying digital media and sustainability not only gets a difficult and abstract concept across to the av...

All functions in the house can be controlled by an iPhone or an iPad from anyplace on earth with an internet connection.

A Beautiful High-Tech Home

ProtoHome CEO Frank VaFaee's team of engineers and architects collaborated to create a truly innovative, modern house that is not ...


How you will read magazines and newspapers in the future

A set of videos that show us how the magazines and newspapers of the future would look like. (Some of them are already available)


Awesome Interactive Wall

An Austrian design firm creates a digital wall design for an event planning agency.


Scandinavian Living Room Entertainment Setups

Photos of 13 Techy Scandinavian Living Rooms give ideas on how to incorporate technology into modern living rooms.


A Fabulous, Techy Swedish Home

Technology brings this modern Swedish home to life.


10 Rooms That Are Designed Around Televisions

room designs with tv as central theme


Another Star Wars Fan Home

A crazy star wars fan home.


Futuristic Interiors of a Bank in Madrid, Spain

High Tech interiors of a bank that combines technology and innovations. Includes multi lingual robots, touch screen walls.

space saving 3 pin plug

Ways to Make Electrical Wirings Less Messy and More Classy

Some truly innovative ways to make avoid wire clutter.


5 Spectacular 3D Building Projections

A stunning display of mind blowing 3D building projections.


Amazing 3D Immersion Technology!

Amazing 3D Immersion Technology used for architectural visualization by top architecture firms


Design of Techno Environments in Movies

Ever wondered who creates those futuristic sci fi environments in movies? This post would give you the answer...


Tomorrow’s Homes

A look at how the future homes would look like