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Product Of The Week: Blumoo Smart Control For Universal Control Of All Your Devices

Blumoo solves a real problem. In this age of an ever increasing cluster of devices that we are pressured to operate on a daily basis, keeping track of which is which can be a challenging task. The beauty of Blumoo Smart Control is that it combines the functionality of every one of those remotes into a single device that you will always have at hand – your mobile phone. It even enables those phones that do not have an IR blaster like the iPhone or the Galaxy S7 to control infra red based devices. Getting one of these will sure help you avoid remote overload.

universal smart remote

Here is how it works:

smart remote working

It can even enable your non-smart stereos to be controlled by your phone.

smart remote

Current version supports about 250,000 devices.

mobile smart remote


Assign single buttons for multi step activities like turning on, changing inputs and even navigating menus.

blumoo remote

mobile tv guide

streaming music smart remote

Apple watch and Amazon Echo support is included as well. This means that if you have Echo, you can say things like “Alexa, tell Blumoo to Watch Movie” and the device will respond!

remote control tv with apple watch

You can get in on Amazon here.

buy from amazon

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