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A Kids Friendly Apartment Design With Lots Of Playful Features

The colorful, fun designs that characterize so many kid's rooms don't have to be unsophisticated and this apartment proves it.

In the third room we have what can only be described as the most enviable child's bed design we've ever seen. The hot air balloon-inspired look is straight out of a storybook and is sure to be the source of many sweet dreams. The airborne theme is carried through the rest of the room as well with a hanging biplane and a dangling hammock chair for the ultimate in coziness.

4 Kids Room Designs with Color to Spare

Four colorful kids room designs from four different designers are unique, colorful, and sophisticated.

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In the main living area of this first home, primary colors yellow and red are pitted against some cool oatmeal neutrals. The way these bright colors pop really give the otherwise simple and modern home some playful pizzazz. The palette really carries itself throughout the shared space, from an accent wall to dining chairs and throw pillows and even into the master bedroom, where the yellow takes on a more muted tone.

Two Homes with Colorful Kids Rooms Included

Nothing can inspire a kid quite as much as growing up in a home where beauty and design are highly valued.


Colorful Kids Rooms with Plenty of Playful Style

Four stylish kids room are fashionable and cozy. Mix and match patterns, creative wall treatments and custom furniture make for th...

Though an infant in a crib may not be able to fully process their room's design, they will certainly notice the light and colors in this adorable elephant-themed nursery.

Cute Kids Rooms By Fajno Design

These vibrant and playful kids rooms from Fanjo Design use bright colors and adorable wallpaper patterns to create spaces to inspi...

The first room have uses a tree theme to create a really fun vibe.

Bright and Colorful Kids Room Designs with Whimsical Artistic Features

Get ideas or just admire these colorful kids room that manage to be family-friendly and ultra stylish.

This shared kids room design begins with a black and white base in the form of a huge geometric rug and forest themed wallpaper. On top of the monochromatic base scheme, small bursts of glorious color cover the two kids beds and matching desk chairs. The twin beds are connected by a shared couch that provides a perfect perching place for the siblings soft toy collection.

Crisp and Colorful Kids Room Designs

Kids room decor schemes full of colorful accents, bright furniture and fun design elements.

Teenagers bedroom decor

Modern Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas

A great selection of kids bedroom designs, for girls, boys, and teenagers, plus some gender neutral schemes for shared spaces.

This fresh scheme escapes the typically girly colors and instead replaces them with fresh tones of apple green, lemon yellow and aqua blue, with just the tiniest nod to the pink tradition.

Casting Color Over Kids Rooms

Play with the color pallet when decorating a kids room; this collection of room designs show you how.

The contrast of bold colors like pink with neutral white and gray keep this bedroom young and playful without being offensively bright.

Transformable Space Saving Kids Rooms

Italian design company Clei makes the perfect addition for any kids room: beds and desks that fold, transform, and save space whil...

This built-in is filled with functionality and purpose. It features a long desk with drawers, closet and turning the corner a connected bench.

12 Kid’s Bedrooms with Cool Built-Ins

Built-ins in kids rooms provide much needed solutions to clutter and messiness. You'll find twelve built-in configurations for ins...

spiderman down lit boys room with ladder

Boys’ Room Designs: Ideas & Inspiration

As fads come and go and little boys become big boys, this collection of boys room ideas would help setting up your kids room.

coreymoortgat.blogspot.in child's room boy happy yellow walls green accessories and racetrack

Kids Playroom Designs & Ideas

A set of inspiring playrooms that also serve as a place for the whole family to while away the hours.

4 teen girls bedroom 34

100 Girls’ Room Designs: Tip & Photos

You'll find a huge collection of girls room designs with tips and pictures for every age from nurseries to teen girls bedrooms in ...

What's more whimsical than bringing the tree house indoors?

Whimsical Kids Rooms

Open your mind and tap into your child's imagination with these fun kids room designs.

Ticking all the color boxes are these unisex rainbow inspired rooms, the perfect place to dream about finding that pot of gold!

Colorful Kids Rooms

How to create a stylish color palette in kids rooms without creating a headache!

Via Team7This teen dream space has an airy and sophisticated palette, resulting in a calm place to concentrate.

Teen Workspaces

Grown-up, trendy study spaces to keep your teenager concentrating in their homework!

Green red white childs room

New Designs From Italian Company Tumidei

Vibrant bedroom designs for kids and teenagers that incorporate practical study spaces and concealed storage solutions.

Via VladoMNA Barbie and heart themed room is at the pinnacle of girlie glamour, whilst pink floral wallpaper conjures equal femininity without the branding. White furniture offsets the sweetness to keep the overall look of the scheme fresh and light.

Cute Girls’ Rooms

Sweet selection of bedroom schemes for girls, covering the color spectrum and displaying beautiful accessorizing ideas.

With hand loops for swinging and ladders for climbing, your little moneys can scramble and dangle till their hearts are content.

Action Packed Kids Rooms

Fun packed bedroom designs to keep your kids exercised and entertained in any weather.

Looking for an animal theme? Consider a traditional safari style; detailed posters are not only more educational but won't date as quickly as a cutesy cartoon mural as your child grows and matures.

Baby Room Design Ideas

Elegant baby room designs to turn your child's nursery into a delicately soft but stunningly stylish haven.

Traditional sports themed boys room

A Treasure Trove of Traditional Boys Room Decor

Classically styled boys bedrooms and traditional playroom decor with a nostalgic air.

This hot pink and cool gray combination creates a vibrant but balanced scheme that despite its shocking slashes of color does not appear overpowering.

Terrific Young Teenager’s Rooms

Cool teenage bedroom schemes that might mean being sent to their room is no longer a punishment!

Busy geometric prints, illustrative animals, and patterns made of pastimes populate the collection in soft colors to spark your child's imagination with dreams of being a dolphin trainer or a helicopter pilot!

Cute & Quirky Wallpaper for Kids

Wallpaper a fresh new look into your child's bedroom or play space with these fun designs full of color and pattern.

The no-holds-barred design brief meant that Perianth had free reign to create the ultimate boy cave, including a rock-climbing wall installation, a realistic mini basketball court and full sized punching bag to work out those adolescent strops.

Kids Rooms: Climbing Walls and Contemporary Schemes

Contemporary kid's room designs, complete with climbing walls, punch bag, and a mini basketball court!

Pink white kids room

Space-Saving Designs for Small Kids’ Rooms

As a parent you might be faced the dilemma of creating a kids room in a very small amount of space; check out these examples for i...

Superman room

Poster Print Kids Rooms

Brighten up your kid's room with bright, bold, poster printed furniture, like these examples from Cia International. Themes includ...

fairy wall stickers

Kids Wall Stickers

Kids room wall stickers that will brighten up your day!

Green white study

Kids’ Desks

Customized study areas for kids and teens' bedrooms, including desks, chairs, bespoke shelving and storage units.