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8 comfortable meeting chairs primary colors

Google’s Tokyo Presence: YouTube and Google Tokyo Offices

The Tokyo offices for both Google and YouTube bring plenty of whimsical color to what is ultimately a serious work space.

Employees seeking a little alone time and reflective solace can certainly find it in one of the wagons filled with comfy pillows set overlooking the skyline.

Google Offices in Tel Aviv, Israel

Google's Tel Aviv offices in Electra Tower are as dynamic and awe-inspiring as each of their other globally-located complex's. The...

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google office cabins

Google’s New Office In Dublin

Dublin's tallest building houses Google's European, Middle Eastern and African headquarters.

Located at the Central St. Giles Building in Covent Garden, the 160,000sq.ft headquarters is home to both indoor and outdoor workplaces and meeting areas, a large gym and dance studio, cafés & restaurants, and a 200 person capacity event room that has been quirkily named the “Town Hall.”

Google London Office

Another fabulously fun office space for the web gurus at Google; London based HQ gets a boom of British pride.

Google's emphasis is on a stress free environment.

Google’s London Offices: Revamped Level, ‘L4’

Google's London Offices have revamped engineering floor 'L4', with futuristic hallways, meeting rooms housing huge sofas, games ro...

Google Russia Office 12

Google Russia Offices

A Swiss design firm designs Google's Russia offices.

Google office space

Google’s Pittsburgh Office: Penthouse of a 100 year old Biscuit Factory

Pictures of Google's office in Pittsburgh which is the result of an extreme makeover of a 100 year old biscuit factory.


Winners from Google’s Wall Art Contest

Stunning wall arts created by Google employees around the world


Bizarre energy pod that keeps Googlers refreshed

Comfortable office power nap chair that Google provides its employees to keep them refreshed.


Google’s Sydney Office

Pictures of Google's Sydney office and the design philosophy behind it. (Video included)


New Google Offices in Stockholm

Pictures of Google's super cool office in Stockholm. Also included are links to Google offices from Zurich, Milan, Madrid and Muni...


Google’s offices from around Europe

Google offices from all over Europe. Include office interiors from Milan, Madrid, Munich and Zurich.