Google’s offices from around Europe

Google work places are known to be fun! These pictures below, are from different offices around Europe.

The work places in Milan, Madrid and Munich were designed by DEGW, a company that usually designs for various Fortune 500 companies, while the one in Zurich was designed by the swiss firm Camenzind Evolution.

Google Madrid


informal work space

The best location in the whole floor plan with the most stunning views of Madrid has been used for this informal/ formal interaction area.

game room

The games rooms used for a relaxing moment. It can also work for internal formal/informal meeting and for social events.

view from the game room

Google Milan


View of the reception area.

open space


Imaginative designed staff room designed as a playroom.

office inside

Google Munich




break time area

Break Out area.

waiting area

Google Zurich

reception area

The reception in the Zurich office.

google office

office space

Igloo- inspired?

work station

fun anyone

Celebrating individuality?

the interior

Individual work spaces to inspire creativity.

slide back down

silde and glide

Who needs fancy elevators when one has slides?


And here is the Google HQ (In California, Not in Europe)

Thanks, Neety for the tip!

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