Inspirational ideas for your home office! Includes pictures of home offices, creative workplaces, desktop workspaces and more.

This office is organized. Period. A few carefully chosen splashes of color give it a bit of personality, but it still screams "Time for Work."

Creative and Inspirational Workspaces

Explore 20 different beautiful workspaces that are perfect creative retreats for any imagination.

The second apartment is also a renovation, this time of a 75 square meter (800 square foot) home in Western Australia. The renovation was undertaken by Clare Cousins Architects and was necessary to make a warm and open home for a young family who was expecting their first child.

Two Apartments In Modern Minimalist Japanese Style (Includes Floor Plans)

Two apartments that show off the great Japanese way of using negative space and minimalism to create a wow effect.

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The myriad of things you need to store at your workspace can cause clutter, but hideaway cubbies like these take the stress out of stashing the mess.

30 Inspirational Home Office Desks

A compilation of great desks to fulfil a busy home working environment, including desk designs with concealed storage and multifun...

This home studio celebrates the users vocation, with a bespoke photography wall paper. You can find many companies online that now offer this service, just upload your image and dimensions and have it delivered to your home for personalized wow factor.

Beautiful Home Offices & Workspaces

A superb set of home offices to inspire a creative workplace.

workspace annex with moutain and river views

Workspaces with Views that Wow!

Have a look at the lucky few who are able to work from these spaces.

white workspace

Wonderful Home Workspaces

From sleek and stylish contemporary work zones, to funky and fun study spaces, this gallery has workspaces to suit everyone.

This dynamic loft workspace packs a lot into a tiny amount of square footage by taking the space soaring upwards with dramatically tall bookshelves and huge windows.

A Dozen Home Workspaces

Home workspaces have become the norm now that so many people create their careers right in their own homes.

A large desktop, like a dining room table, is ideal if there is likely to be more than one family member working at home at any given time, though this is not a great solution for those who are desk hogs as arguments may ensue when paper-mountains overflow from one side to the next.

Workspace Inspiration

Set up a workspace within your own home with these stylish and practical solutions for home offices.

Via Hybrido Studio 3DArtist and Model Maker studios require lots of ingenious shelving to fill with supplies, and cubby holes to display previous works and precious prototypes; make the most of awkward shaped walls with made-to-measure cabinetry to keep everything at hand and organized.

Funky Workspaces with Artistic Flair

Take a look at these creative workspaces; cool home offices with an artistic essence.

Japanese comic style workplace

Workspaces of Figurine, Comic & Manga Enthusiasts

Japanese art inspired workspaces and home offices of comic, figurine and Manga enthusiasts, a collectors heaven!

cats99a home office

Creative Workspaces

Inspiration for your home office or studio space; colour schemes and storage solutions to achieve your ultimate concentration and ...

workspace inspiration

Workspace Inspiration

Pictures of beautiful groovy workspaces dreamed up by design savvy people around the world.

smart and spacious workspace

Cool Workspaces

A concoction of workspace-ideas.

artists studio creative spaces inspirational rooms

Spaces that inspire solitude, contemplation and creative work

A set of inspirational workplaces that is ideal for creative work


Workspace Design Inspiration

Creative storage ideas for the home office environment.


Beautiful Workspaces

Another fresh set of workspace inspiration. Check these gorgeous spaces as they will sure give you some fabulous ideas to decorate...


Cool Home Workspace Setups

Series of innovative work spaces for tech savvy people!


Art & Craft Studios and other Creative Workplaces

A collection of various creative workplaces including artists studios and craftrooms.


Mac Creator, Mac Setups and a MacWorld Cover Time Lapse

Jonathan Ive, 10 Mac Workspaces & 1 Cool Video

home office 12

Home Office Furniture by Hulsta

Home office furniture designs and ideas by Hulsta


Home Storage and Organization Furniture

Pictures and inspiration of effective Home storage and organization furniture


Craft Room & Home Studio Ideas

Inspirational pictures of Craft Room & Home Studios that act as the workplaces of creative people


Twitter Office Interiors

Pictures of Twitter's office interiors


An Office Made From Cardboard

An entire office made of nothing but cardboard


Cool Computer Setups

Inspirational pictures of home computer setups including Macs and PCs


Home Offices and Workplaces – Set 4

Inspirational pictures of clean uncluttered home offices, workspaces and studios


Home Offices and Studios

Inspirational pictures of home office workspace and home studio designs


Creative Offices

Images of inspirational offices including Google, Pixar, Red Bull, Three Rings and TBWA


Ultimate Computer Setups: Cool Computer Room Design

Some of the ultimate stylish and ergonomic computer setups ever designed.