Features architecturally significant building concepts that push the limits.

Monaco Penthouse- outdoor rooftop infinity pool with ocean views

A Monaco Penthouse set to Rival the World’s Most Expensive

Monaco is the playground of billionaires and after the Grand Prix or a night at one of the many casinos, they retire to residences...

house built into hill moonlit pool front

Edgeland House Returns to the Earth

A sophisticated modern interpretation of a traditional Native American Pit-house.

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Underwater sea themed hotel room

Stunning Underwater Hotel: The Water Discus

Submerse yourself in a 360 degree ocean view, above and below the surface, in this awesome underwater Hotel.


Winners of the Hover Architectural Visualization Contest

Winners announced in the Hover Challenge for impressive 3D architectural drawings.


Concept Architectural Buildings

A digital artist competition for a conceptual civilization through the use of architecture and landscape design.


5.7 Billion dollar resort that houses a 55 story high infinity pool

The stunning Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore housing the world's highest infinity swimming pool


Artsy Achitecture: Hydrogenase, Algae Farm by Vincent Callebaut

Futuristic energy saving designs to grow and refuel the planet from Vincent Callebaut Architects.


Mahina: The Dream House You Cannot Own!

Futuristic Dream house on secluded island location is moon-shaped and has every modern convenience including pool and deck.


5 Awesome Architectural Videos

Amazing architectural concepts


Amazing Architectural Concept Physalia: The Amphibious Garden

A UN project to clean European rivers.


Futuristic Pod House Concept

Futurisctic House Concept: Mobile lounge unit for multipurposes.


Burj Khalifa (Formerly Burj Dubai) Opens Officially

Pictures of Burj Khalif (formerly burj dubai) and the opening ceremony. (Awesome images)


Urban Forest: Sky Scraper With Gardens

A design that is sure to inspire many more of its kind.


40 Revolutionary Housing Concepts from Ordos 100

Ordos 100 is a massive construction project in Ordos, China.


Sustainable Home Designs for Katrina Victims

Pictures of sustainable eco friendly homes designed by some of the world's top archtects for the Make it rRght project by Brad Pit...


Design of Helix Hotel, Abu Dhabi

pictures of Design concept of Helix Hotel, Abu Dhabi


Tomorrow’s Homes

A look at how the future homes would look like


Amazing Concept Buildings

Amazing buildings that stretch imagination

Yu-Tung Liu - Calligraphic House

Next Generation Homes – NEXT-GENE20

ideas for Next Generation Homes at NEXT-GENE20