Amazing Architectural Concept Physalia: The Amphibious Garden

As always UN comes up with shocking hair-raising statistics about world calamities. As worrying they are, they have a strange power to jostle creative minds. Several mind boggling inventions and innovations come into being when the earth is endangered and the concept amphibian garden done by Vincent is just an example of it.

Though the project is still on paper it is a fantastic idea which brings solution to the water problems of the European populations of the world. The rivers of Denube, Volga, Rhine etc will have these floating amphibian water gardens which will carry people and clean the water at the same time. It has double hull, so as it moves, it also filter / cleans the water that passes through it…A fact worth knowing about this prototype is that it generates more energy than it consumes which is exactly opposite of what current vehicles do. Its roof has solar cells which runs on 2 hydro-turbines. These turbines covert the energy of flowing river (river current) into hydro-electricity which means no external power is required to run them. Radical, aint it?Wait there’s more. The carbon foot prints (carbon emission and fuel waste) left by traditional boats are also absorbed by this floating garden. Its surface is in aluminium (light weight and non rusting.) The aluminum is covered with TiO2 (titanium di oxide) which is photocatalytic in nature and the coating destroys bacteria, viruses odor and harmful gases.

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