Winners of the Hover Architectural Visualization Contest

The Hover Challenge was a competition organized by Ronen Bekerman with a mission to find the most dynamic concept for the architectural design of a hover structure with full reign of the surrounding environment and materials used to visualize it. We are featuring the winner and the runner ups of the contest which attracted several impressive entries from talented artists worldwide. What was judged for the challenge was the composition, materials, lighting, texture, technical skills, and originality in the architectural and conceptual interpretation of hovering. Below are the images of the winners’ creations, check it out!

Grand Prize Winner, Benjamin Brosdau for his attention to detail and bold interpretation of the hover theme with a cantilevered wing over the river.

1st Runner Up, Tolgahan Gungor for his intriguing environment and excellent composition of the hover theme.

2nd Runner Up, Derek Jackson, for the beautiful asymmetrical layering effect of his building with a Green Roof!

3rd Runner Up, Micael Dillner, for his great concept, unique point of view and execution of hovering elements.

4th Runner Up, Jamie Holmes, for his well balanced composition of the environment and integral concept of the hover effect.

5th Runner Up, Julio Cayetano, for his exquisite use of color and focus on the perfect composition with a hover concept that leaves a satisfying mystery from our vantage point.

Now we’re wondering whether we will see a female contestant win the next conceptual competition we feature- Keeping our fingers crossed!

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