You will find inspirational bedroom interiors here. In addition to pictures of great bedrooms, you will also find ideas for decorative pillows, bed headboards, walk in wardrobes and more…

This next room is decidedly softer and perhaps a bit more traditionally feminine. White, pale yellow, and a few pops of on-trend magenta really give it a springtime aura. The cushioned headboard is another sweet, soft touch that's sure to promote good dreams.

8 Creatively Designed Bedrooms in Detail

Creative bedroom designs in these 8 spaces will offer inspiration to anyone with a bedroom that needs to be refreshed.

Not many bedrooms can boast a tree growing inside, but this one can.

Beautiful Bedrooms for Dreamy Design Inspiration

Take a look inside 30 gorgeous bedrooms and get inspired to make your design dreams come true.

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The first bedroom here, designed by Mauritz Snyman, uses soft and soothing grays and silvers to create a sparkling, luxurious feel. From an ultramodern chandelier that dangles over the bed to a plush silvery gray carpet that practically begs for your bare feet, waking up in this bedroom would be like waking up inside a warm storm cloud.

8 Luxury Bedrooms In Detail

The luxury bedrooms featured in this post are the height of indulgence from sumptuous bedding to glorious bedroom chandeliers.

The tones in this bedroom are warm and welcoming, making it easy to fall asleep fast but perhaps not as easy to leave the bed in the morning.

Beautiful Bedrooms Perfect for Lounging All Day

Whether you get up with the sun or prefer to spend lazy Saturdays among your pillows, you need a beautiful bedroom. Check these ou...

The first bedroom in this post, from designer Mário Nogueira, is actually a small studio apartment in a downstairs, garden-level space. The space is decorated with largely neutral colors and natural elements including smooth, lovely wood. The overhead lighting element is particularly unusual and noteworthy. The smooth floors and soft area rug under the bed are ideal for bare feet and perfect, therefore, in a bedroom.

Six Beautiful Bedrooms with Soft and Welcoming Design Elements

Peek inside these private bedrooms for a look at the lovely design elements that create beautiful soft, welcoming landing pads for...

This bedroom, from Image Box Studio, uses an ultramodern palette with black and white taking center stage. The neutral scheme is offset by a pop of yellow in the upholstered armchair in the corner. Why not curl up with a good book before turning in for the night?

10 Bedrooms for Designer Dreams

Anyone would get a great night's sleep in these beautiful, sleek, modern bedrooms.

With a furnished workspace and private balcony, you would never even need to leave the comfort of this bedroom.

21 Cool Bedrooms for Clean and Simple Design Inspiration

Get back to the basics with these simple yet luxurious bedrooms.

In an open, industrial-style loft, a beautiful bed is key. This simple wooden platform and matching shelving unit are the perfect solution.

Sleek Bedrooms with Cool, Clean Lines

Imagine retreating to your own private sanctuary with sheets that are always cool, a platform bed that stands out, and ultra moder...

The bedroom takes a few of the same cues and keeps things simple, but here visualizer Quang Đạt has add some sultry art choices and deeper colors, giving it a bit more of an edge.

Stylish Bedroom Designs with Beautiful Creative Details

22 bedrooms that really knock it out of the park in terms of style.

This funky bedroom offers plenty of creative storage options from a wooden display case on the wall to some cozy nooks underneath the bed.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas for Rooms of Any Size

The stylish bedrooms featured in this post are simple yet elegant for perfect modern comfort.

Not sure how many homes would be able to pull this off but boy does it look cool to have a tree near your bed!

25 Newest Bedrooms That We Are In Love With

We highlight a set of 25 new bedroom designs we came across recently.

Headboard feature walls always create a great focal point.

20 Modern Bedroom Designs

A collection of cool contemporary bedroom designs, ranging from light bright and colorful to deep dramatic gray.

One example of simple space repurposing would be to utilize the unused area under a staircase, like this cozy double bed set up. The custom made platform bed fits snugly into the under-stair alcove, and the design also incorporates under-bed and over-bed storage that runs straight into the side of the stairs too.

Space Saving Beds & Bedrooms

A huge array of space saving bed ideas for rooms of modest proportions: featuring under-stair alcove beds, suspended nests, roll a...

In this version of the same layout, the design goes back to the tried and tested wallpaper route as a feature wall covering, and this time the soft bedside illumination glows out from the top of the headboard, and from beneath shallow shelving. A natural color palette is used again in this one, but this time the fresh vivid green accents are the stars of the show.

Brilliant Bedroom Designs

Four bedroom designs that have style and finesse, and cool modern color palettes.

Some of the fairytales are more obvious and literal than others. Here, a sleeping Wengenn becomes his own Gulliver, traveling through his dreams at home.

Adorable Sleeping Baby Dreamscapes

Artist, photographer and mother Queenie Liao has created lush and imaginative scenes out of household items and her sleeping infan...

Even a small bedroom has space for seating. Small cushions and a cozy chair nestled in one corner make this a comfortable place to be, even if you're not ready for sleep.

Small Bedrooms Use Space in a Big Way

This bedroom roundup proves that just because a bedroom does not have a lot of square footage does not mean you have to compromise...

elevated bedroom

5 Modern Bedrooms

Beautiful photos of tasteful modern bedrooms that marry practical solutions with creative design elements.

contemporary bedroom 3

Contemporary Bedrooms by Koj Design

Vietnamese designer, Koj creates contemporary bedrooms filled with texture, pattern and light. The result is calm and inviting.

This French inspired bedroom mixes a little romance with elegant formal accents. The soft peach hues warm the otherwise creamy palette.

19 Bedrooms with Neutral Palettes

Neutral tones in the bedroom provide an excellent canvas to let stronger design elements take the lead. Find decorating ideas for ...

However, if an underwater vacation is just not enough, perhaps this aquarium bed head will satiate any underwater fantasies.

10 Extraordinary Bedrooms

This collection contains perhaps some of the best bedroom we have ever featured and we extend a challenge to anyone who can view t...

modern bedroom design

Modern Bedroom Ideas

A collection of contemporary bedroom designs to bring your sleep space bang up to date.

The charcoal gray walls are lifted by the presence of a bright white ceiling, and a large cream area rug sprawling from beneath the end of the bed, and the vintage style chest at it's foot.

Industrial Bedrooms with Divine Detail

Two unique bedroom walkthroughs that are packed with exquisite detail and industrial style accessorization.

By Olesya Kubiv

Bedrooms with Traditional Elegance

Beautiful boudoirs to inspire a traditionally romantic bedroom scheme, full of frills and frivolity!

Wood clad walls give the generously proportioned room a cozy cabin feel, reminiscent of times gone by whilst still remaining on trend with modern home interiors. Scattered soft light sources create an intimate atmosphere for lazy evenings plotting the next big adventure, whilst task lighting is available to shed a brighter light on the all important passport search and rescue mission.

Travel Themed Bedroom for Seasoned Explorers

Cabin like bedroom and home office for sailors, explorers and adventurers to plot their next escapade in!

Bedroom with infinity pool

From Pillow to Pool

Would you like a swimming pool right next to your bedroom... or even IN your bedroom? If this sounds like a dream come true, then ...

The casual low-slung silhouette of a sleek modern platform bed sets a great basis for a modern bedroom scheme, and can be combined with bedside shelves for a slick and seamless look.

The Makings of a Modern Bedroom

Inspiration on how to create a cool modern sleep space, including extended headboard walls and feature ceilings.

Traditional sports themed boys room

A Treasure Trove of Traditional Boys Room Decor

Classically styled boys bedrooms and traditional playroom decor with a nostalgic air.

Via Willy GufronWhy not make your bedroom a work of art? This piece brings a playful and eye-catching splash to a quietly controlled layout.

Attention Grabbing Bedroom Walls

Bedroom feature walls to glam up your headboard! Swirls and florals, murals and papers gathered to get your imagination flowing.

Above 2 Via iceci3

Smart and Sassy Bedrooms

Edgy bedroom schemes oozing with style, some with sophistication and others just plain cool!