Find decorative accessories for your home here. Includes creative faucets, decorative lighting, contemporary rugs, cd-dvd storage solutions, fireplace designs, and other decor items.

This Manifold Clock is incredible, using 3D motion to create an intricate pattern that is miles away from a standard ticking hand.

50 Cool And Unique Wall Clocks You Can Buy Right Now

50 unique wall clocks from the sophisticated to the silly are perfect for any home.

Here is yet another faucet sink combo that adds class to the room.

50 Uniquely Beautiful Designer Faucets You Can Buy Right Now

Bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets in a range of styles are an awesome way to refresh a room.

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Winner of the Red Dot design award, this clamping lamp is made from North American Hardwood and powered by LED lights.

50 Uniquely Beautiful Designer Table Lamps You Can Buy Right Now

Lamps featured include desk lamps, nightstand lamps, study lamps, reading lamps and more. Includes classic, vintage, industrial, m...

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.43.43 pm

A Set of Extraordinary Lights

The lights in this post are so much more than practical. They provide light while also bringing creativity and even humor into any...

designer knife

40 Unique Designer Knives For Your Home

If you are planning to buy a knife set for you or someone you love, check out these 40 amazing sets of kitchen knives.

A minimalistic white slab takes on extra character with the incorporation of a blue splash shaped hollow.

30 Extraordinary Sinks That You Will Not Find In An Average Home

A modern mix of unusual bathroom sinks: Glass, wood, tiled, grated and concealed wash basins.

A minimalistic home would be well served by these wooden Bauhaus chess pieces.

30 Unique Home Chess Sets

A curious collection of home chess sets to set off your home office, library or a simple coffee table. Featuring minimalistic piec...

Porcupine Paper Clip Holder

10 Household Objects Shaped Like Living Beings

These adorable household objects bring boring office supplies and practical kitchen gadgets to life.

These dark stone tile floors create contrast with the bright white walls and gray furnishings. The design is clean and stylish.

Porcelanosa Contemporary Home Products

Mediterranean design company Porcelanosa designs, manufactures, and distributes contemporary flooring options and furniture create...

medium Rough grain square and rectangular combination wooden wall tiles

Wood Look Tiles

We explore a relatively new element in interior design: wood look tiles and invites readers to come to their own verdict.

Matt Innes and Saori Kajiwara Books

20 Creative Bookshelves: Modern and Modular

From the organic to the industrial, these lightweight shelving solutions offer a modern solution for the storage of books and the ...

Iconic Buildings From LEGO:The Guggenheim, Falling Water, Big Ben, Opera House, plenty of options here for the architecture enthusiast.

10 Gifts for Architects And Designers

Need to pick a gift for an architect or designer? This guide could be of help.

White arc  lamp

Stylish Desk Lamps

We put the spotlight on stylish desk lamps to light up your worklife! And we discuss some iconic designs. What was Le Corbusier's ...

Other dividing double sided designs are seen jutting into a living space from a side mounted flue, allowing the omission of a vertical chimney completely, and therefore resulting in unobscured views from one end of a multipurpose room to another.

Fabulously Minimalist Fireplaces

Sleek lined fireplaces, wall mounted, dual aspect and side flue designs to divide or enhance your living spaces.

SAIL Boat shaped fireplace

Creative Fireplace Designs

Fireplace creators Acquaefuoco introduce new, innovative pieces including triangle shaped installations and sail boat inspired fir...

Anita LOVE room divider

Customizable Letter Shelves

Modular letter shelves, ANITA, allow you to spell out whatever it is that you would like to say about your home. Typographical hom...

Found on Swedish home tech forum Min Hembio, on member Z3m-Johan's page, this entertainment pad leaves no stone unturned.  For the tech savvy, here is the list: Audiovector AV3Ci Avantgarde , Audiovector S3 Avantgarde , Euroscreen Frame Vision Light VLS190-W 16:9 86 "(190x107) , Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K800 (S) , NAD 32A2 , Philips Prestigo SRT9320 , Primare CD31 , Primare SPA22.

A Massive Home Entertainment Setup

An elaborate home entertainment system setup including huge displays, PC and Mac connections, fully stacked video library and home...

Dent Cube with Patches of Green

Creative Wall Tiles From Japan

Architect Teruo Yasuda and his vision of tiles for INAX.

angry birds cakes

Angry Birds Inspired Accessories For Your Home

Inspirational Angry Birds game merchandise and accessories for your home.

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 10.18.28 PM

Gifts for Finance Guys

Get ideas for gifting the finance geek in your life. Quick tip: These guys love anything Wall Street associated! Read on to find m...

pixel couch

Pixel Inspiration in Decor

If you ever wanted to be inspired by the tiny dots that make up your screen, you will love this. Includes pictures of interior acc...

Time in this clock reveals itself as gracefully and beautifully as a Chinese coquette behind her fan.

Designer Clocks & Watches

A list of clocks and time telling devices that do so in an unconventional way. Some great inspiration for designer clocks and time...

Instead of the little old woman who lived in a shoe you can be the lavish woman who bathed in a shoe. SICIS designed these glass mosaic shoe tubs.

Designer Bathtubs

A post that features 10 awesome designer bathtubs for that dream home of yours.


Cool And Unique Ceiling Fans

10 Unique and creative fans for people who generally believe that ceiling fans look ugly!


Remarkably Artistic Lighting Designs

Really cool lamp concepts for those who love lighting design.


Decorative magnetic panels that add personality to your furniture

A set of creatively inspirational magnetic panels which can be stuck on top of existing furniture to produce beautiful designs


Geeky Decor Accessories For Home 2.0

Geeky home decor accessories that should satisfy your inner geek. [Awesome Stuff]


25 Stunning Side Table Designs

A comprehensive post covering the world's most creative side tables (with images). Designer side tables, Bed side tables, wooden s...


14 Innovative Electrical Accessories That Will Turn Heads

Very innovative electrical accessories that help you avoid wire mess and surprise friends!