Bizarre Themed Rooms

The Propeller Island Lodge in Berlin, Germany, is famous for its bizarre themed rooms. The hotel has about 45 rooms each styled with its own set of unique furnishings. Some of them are beautiful, all of them are odd!

These rooms were designed by Lars Stroschen. Take a look at a few of them here:

Orange Room

See what we mean?

Symbol Room


Mirror Room

This could be fun. ;)


Description on Site:

A tubular room with three consecutively ordered, terraced beds. The floor is hilly and even the wands are tilted! Like being in a mine – isn’t that a lift there in the corner…?

Blue Room

Upside Down

See anything a bit odd in the room above. Yep, the furnishings are upside down!


A friendly prison cell with a hole in the wall. The toilet is in the room, just like we know it should be! What’s different: You really WANT to stay here, it’s extremely comfortable. Freedom awaits on the balcony with a parasol.


Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry is ‘India Inspired’. Help us out on that, will you!

Space Cube


We thought that we would wind up with that. But for those who want more jump over.

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