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Matt Innes and Saori Kajiwara Books

20 Creative Bookshelves: Modern and Modular

From the organic to the industrial, these lightweight shelving solutions offer a modern solution for the storage of books and the ...

Via i29Clever cutaways create irregular windows into the storage spaces of this kitchen, along with a series of recesses dedicated to an army of glass jars that are filled with dried cooking ingredients that not only keep culinary delights within easy reach, but brings color and texture to an otherwise neutral design.

Open Kitchen Shelves Inspiration

Arrange your kitchen paraphernalia to perfection on homey open kitchen shelving.

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White brown kitchen scheme

Wood Tones and White

This airy open plan apartment uses gallery white walls and warm wood tones to create a beautifully modern effect from a classicall...

Anita LOVE room divider

Customizable Letter Shelves

Modular letter shelves, ANITA, allow you to spell out whatever it is that you would like to say about your home. Typographical hom...

Shelves White

Shelving Units

Unique shelving units by Italian design firm, Alf da Fre, may steal the spotlight in your living room.

Loft bookshelf

Bookshelf Fantasy

Beautiful blog featuring some outstanding bookshelf designs.


Beautiful Shelf Designs by Maria Yasko

Maria Yasko designed a series of modular shelves that double as art.


A Bookworm’s Dream: The Bookshelf Tower

A Small Spaces Exhibit, and a real Bookshelf Staircase


Innovative CD and DVD Storage Solutions

Innovative methods for storing your CD and DVD Collections


Bookshelves As Room Focus

Inspirational pictures of rooms with bookshelf as focus