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2 Provence Style Apartment Designs With Floor Plans

These dreamy French-inspired apartments would be the perfect European retreat in any country.

Some of the most common characteristics of Moorish architecture including arches, domes, courtyards, and decorative tile work, all of which are well represented in the homes included here.

Moroccan Style Interior Design

With rich and colorful textiles, beautiful archways, and intricate tile work, Moroccan interior design is one of the most distingu...

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First, the living room is dominated by an array of patterns and colors, from two bright wall hangings to a geometric print rug.

A Stylish Apartment with Classic Design Features

Check out photos of an apartment that manage to combine the elegance of classic design with the simplicity of modern options.

The master bedroom features an impressive accent wall with a massive relief design that makes you feel as if you've stepped into a palace.

Contemporary Apartment Design with Classical Features (Floor Plans Included)

This modern St. Petersburg apartment takes modern features and classical pieces to create a beautiful, stylish space.

The two callings of this 15th century building truly work hand in hand, as a church invokes the perfect atmosphere of hushed study that is required for a serious book shop, and spanning three huge mezzanine floors this really is a serious book store! Each level looks out across the vast space, topped by a stunning vaulted ceiling that arches its way down to the cobalt colored glass panels of the towering window at the far end.

15th Century Church Converted to Book Shop

An amazing transformation of a gothic church into a modern book shop, complete with three mezzanine floors.

Interior wood paneling, once a thing of yesteryears fashion, has made an astonishingly strong and stylish comeback. Try cladding a feature wall from top to toe with lengths of beautifully grained timber for a stunning, neutral and natural, statement piece.

Classically Cool Living Rooms

Follow us through our study of beautiful lounge areas, and learn how to create the look in your own home.

As darkness falls the room glitters with the glow from a central cascading multi-pendant light. Inbuilt LED strip lighting runs the length of an extensive entertainment unit, which spans the entire width of the room, drawing focus to the collectibles along its recessed shelf, and throwing soft light along the slab floor.

Living Room Style Statements

Three living rooms dripping in design elements that you can use to make a statement in your lounge.

saarinen-miller-conversation pit

Eero Saarinen’s Miller Residence

The classic modernist “Miller Residence” designed by famed architect Eero Saarinen, with sunken conversation pit and impressiv...


Modern Classic Chairs

Comprehensive summary of the history, design and usage of modern classic chairs with images prices and info on where to get them....

new classic style loft - inside

New Classic Style Loft in France

A textile mill that has been given a complete make over and modified to be a loft.


More Classic Interior Designs

Inspirational pictures of traditional, classic interiors designed by professionals