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Via Andrey GolubevThis cozy blue and white country look is a sweet scheme full of charm and understated style. Slightly mismatched wood tones in the surrounding furniture continues the laid-back look, appearing as though the room has evolved over time and the trials and tribulations of everyday family life, rather than being coldly contrived.

Delicious Dining Room Schemes

Dining room decor schemes that are good enough to eat! Unique dining suites and color schemes to inspire.

New dining benches look chic and unique in slender silhouettes and added leather detailing.

Wooden Furniture in a Contemporary Setting

Modern doesn't have to mean synthetic; take a look at this gorgeous collection of natural wooden furniture for throughout the home...

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Modern Classic Chairs

Comprehensive summary of the history, design and usage of modern classic chairs with images prices and info on where to get them....


26 Chairs Made from Recycled Materials

Innovative chairs made from recycled materials. Pretty Bizarre!