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The posts in this section give a complete round up of great homes and try to include imagery from every possible room in the home.

In the living room, a white sofa that would look at home in a spaceship swoops into position in front of a TV wall that has an integrated sound system and concealed media cabinets beneath the screen. The ceiling cutaway forges a path from the lounge area around to the kitchen and dining spaces, revealing an overhead river of light.

Futuristic Penthouse with Twin Toilets!

This home would suit those who would love to live in a space station-but could you cope with the communal toilets?

There is inspiration for rooms all over the home in this fresh looking dwelling, so let us see which ideas we can borrow starting in the main room. The open plan lounge/kitchen/diner is a long open space, but there are several factors at play to prevent it from appearing plain. The first element is the stripe of glossy teal created by a run of wall units on the kitchen side. The base units are knocked back in a more subtle shade, so that the left wall does not overpower the lounge area on the right.

Spacious Apartment With Family Friendly Decor

See how this apartment design achieves attractive and original decor solutions in a modern open plan space.

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The home has a total area just short of one thousand square meters, with a total living space of 656 square meters, complete with four bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Russian Home Design: A Menagerie of Modern Hues

A Russian home that combines traditional ideas with modern minimalism.

7 Glazed exterior walls

Faena House: Miami Beachside Penthouse With Layers of Luxury

Luxury apartment complex situated at Miami Beach, USA, complete with sweeping ocean views.

The huge pool is almost a secondary lake, but with built-in hot tub alongside spouting water fountains the bright body of water brings a much more luxurious tempo.

A Grand Lakeside Home with Rustic Charm

A traditional home design with antique furniture and rustic accessories.

The obligatory poolside patio stretches out from the house, with as much sun lounging room as any self respecting hotel provides to its sun worshiping holiday makers. Gardens sweep away on either side, providing a lush view from the waters edge.

Microsoft Co-founder and Billionaire Paul Allen’s New $27M Home

Take a walk around in a billionaire's shoes, as we visit this luxury home.

White kitchen island

Lakeside Summer Home

A beautiful vacation house for an active family, encompassing a practical open plan layout.

Private Pool

Segmented Cubes Residence, Israel

A modern take on a family home, offering individual dwelling spaces for each member complete with bedroom, bathroom and living roo...

Modern architecture landscaping

A Spectacular Beverly Hills House

Stunning contemporary architecture situated in LA, featuring hillside gardens, infinity pool and hot tub.

soft brown sofa

Contemporary Bauhaus Style Home in Haifa

The clean lines and angles in this Haifa home are reminiscent of the Bauhas style but also firmly rooted in contemporary architect...

The cabin itself actually spans a river, balancing atop heavy stone columns and giving unparalleled views of the surrounding forest.

Bridge House: Home Across A Stream

This rustic cabin spans a river and offers a beautiful, warm retreat from the cold mountain winters.

cozy living room

Stunning 312 square feet (29 sq meter) Micro Apartment

What this Poland apartment lacks in space it makes up for in sleek modern design and creative storage ideas.

aviation decor

Apartment Design For Pilot & Aviation Enthusiast

This Polish apartment is serene and simple with creative elements of aviation that make it a unique home for a lawyer and pilot.

white living room

Light and Dark Apartment Design Inspiration

While there are plenty of ways to use bright creative color in interior design, sometimes the challenge of largely monochromatic d...

aerial view mansion

Hawaiian Oceanfront Mansion With Spectacular Views And 50m Lap Pool

A spectacular oceanside home in Hawaii features a helipad, Olympic swimming pool and central elevator.

mountain cube cabin

Minimalist Home In The Mountains

This Japanese mountain cabin offers retreat by way of different cube variations, resulting in a truly spectacular and creative int...

open kitchen

Sparkling Urban Apartment Design

This carefully designed apartment shows how growing families can not only survive but can thrive in an urban environment.

sunken living room

Ultramodern, Sleek House With Sharp Lines

With luxury comforts and carefully chosen furniture, this modern house is both stylish and welcoming.

Gated off from the road, guests have to come in through a gate and courtyard before even getting to the front door. But once inside the home, you have to ask: could this entry BE any more spectacular? Sitting right on the ocean, visitors get views from any angle along with the ocean sounds and smells that create a luxurious climate all around.

Matthew Perry’s Malibu Beach House

Former Friends star Matthew Perry quietly purchased this Malibu beach house two years ago, but today we get a glimpse inside.

bohemian interior design

Colorful and Funky Interiors [Visualized]

East Asia-based 3D artist creates a fun and vibrant interior visualization.

1 monochrome grey living room

50 Shades of Grey: Design Edition

3D designers create a comfortable yet modern interior for this Smolniy Park apartment.

4 sliding glass doors

Ando Studio: Modern Home and Luxury Apartment Renderings

Israeli design studio Ando Studio has created beautiful renderings for both a unique modern home and a new luxury apartment buildi...

1 sunny living room

Sunny Swedish Apartment

A corner apartment with plenty of windows makes good use of white, creating an open, airy, and welcoming space for a small family.

2 modern living room

A Modern Taiwanese Apartment with a Funky Twist

A small Taiwanese apartment uses an open floor plan and creative decor to bring personality and fun to its modern design.

01 minimalist house

Minimialist House Blends Easily with Natural Surroundings

An entirely minimalist house provides the clean lines of its encompassing design without ignoring the necessities of life.

Though the cube offers a tremendous amount of storage space, its size does not overwhelm the Bern apartment. Instead, it acts as a focal point for visitors. Tucking it away in the corner also means it does not consume valuable floor space.

“Living Cube” Offers Stylish Storage Solution

A Swiss designer uses his knack for style to create a simple and stylish storage solution for his studio apartment.

1 crazy comfortable leather sofa

Eclectic Bachelor Retreat

Industrial elements meet comfortable furnishings and playful decor in this loft designed for a bachelor.

The white also acts as a reflective surface for the many sources of light that have been included in the modern design. Not only does sunlight flood in from the floor-to-ceiling windows that face the sea, but a unique skylight crowns the living area’s concrete accent wall, letting sun in from above as well. At night, soft lighting from many hanging fixtures bring necessary visibility without harshness.

Modern Villa Brings Elegance to Ibiza

A beautiful Spanish villa overlooking the Mediterranean on the island of Ibiza is adorned with modern furnishings for a fully rela...

1.Panoramic sea view

Inside Tel Aviv’s Newest Luxury Residences [Visualization]

Modern Tel Aviv apartment residences offer sweeping sea views and luxurious decor.