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Long term followers of Home Designing may know we have been covering home and interiors for more than a decade. Just to give some perspective, when the first post of Home Designing went live, there was no Pinterest, Instagram, or Google Chrome. Serving inspiration to people – be it ideas to decorate your home or inspiration for your next renovation project – is something we have been doing on a daily basis for a long time. Today we want to extend ‘inspiration’ beyond the architecture and interior design industry. Dear readers, we welcome you to Fantartic, our freshly-launched online store that delivers high quality, professionally-designed motivational posters that egg you on to achieve what you want in life.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own business …

… or a musician looking for your first big break …

… or a developer pushing code…


… or a billionaire hell-bent on colonizing Mars …

We are looking at you Elon

… or just someone who loves cats …

… we have something for everyone. So go right ahead, and check out Fantartic. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

PS: Keep an eye on Fantartic’s Insta for fresh new artworks!

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