10 Extraordinary Bedrooms

This collection features some outstanding bedrooms that we have had the pleasure to gaze upon and dream about recently. A challenge is extended to anyone who can view these images and resist swooning. Designed to calm, facilitate a busy life, inspire and entertain, these bedrooms are truly extraordinary.

The Sea View Bedroom

“There were five in the bed and the little one said, rollover, rollover…” This certainly seems an apt soundtrack to this image from visualizer, Jakub Cech or perhaps the sound of the rolling ocean waves that lie just beyond the bedroom’s boundary would suffice?

The Clock Tower Bedroom

This brilliant light filled space of white exposed brick, that adds a wonderfully textural element to the room, and one-of-a-kind views framed by its clock face window, comes to us from visualizer, Supardiyano.

The Suspended Bedroom

A bedroom in the form of an angular and suspended space was kept fittingly minimalist by ECDM Architects, who are responsible for this ultra-modern dwelling.

The Corporate Professional’s Bedroom

This bespoke habitat from Starck is the ultimate bedroom for the consummate professional who lives to work.

The Concealed Tub Bedroom

Space saving initiatives such as this one from Peckham House, are rarely seen, but conceivably attractive to a person who loves their sleep as much as they love a good, long soak.

The Underwater Bedroom

This proposed underwater paradise with its convex glass walls and unimaginable views might just be our favorite!

The Aquarium Bedroom

However, if an underwater vacation is just not enough, perhaps this aquarium bed head will satiate any underwater fantasies.

The Floating Minimalist Bedroom

Like the suspended bedroom that came before it, this minimalist floating place of slumber takes bedding sale’s slogans quite literally and really does offer that feeling of ‘weightlessness.’

The Ultimate Book Lover’s Bedroom

This beautifully melancholic chamber invites the inhabitant to fully engage with the innumerable tomes that cover its every surface.

The Home Theatre Bedroom

For the film lovers, this fantastic home theatre appears to have grown out of its foundations and beckoning the inhabitant to lie among its plush soft furnishings, promises the ultimate cinematic experience.

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