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Sanitary fittings firm Hansgrohe employ from a glittering talent pool of the worlds best designers, big fish who infuse passion into everything they create, manifesting in vastly superior products that breathe freshness of life and new meaning into our spaces. The gorgeous designs featured here have graced the company’s portfolio for some time, but we are recently captivated by the latterly added videos that showcase the record of rockstar status designers themselves, and give them a platform on which they explicate the art of the thought process behind their groundbreaking product lines…

Spotlight on: Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is fondly dubbed as ‘Uragano Urquiola’, (Hurricane Urquiola) by the Italian press because of the sheer speed with which she muscled herself into the male dominated product design industry. Besides the numerous accolades she has won for her work, her influence has spread far and wide. She is even rumored to be the inspiration behind the naming of Ulquiorra Cifer, a character in the Japanese anime series Bleach!

Here she discusses the Axor Urquiola collection:

A departure from traditional norms, conventions and rigid structures, her design is a celebration of detail, variety, sensuality and vibrant energy. The entire collection is characterized by flowing transitions, soft shapes and gentle curves. Every single element has its own charming and endearing qualities.


Spotlight on: Philippe Starck

French designer Philippe Starck has produced some juicy designs in his time, including the iconic Juicy Salif lemon squeezer that has been displayed in New York’s Museum of Art, and was even produced in limited edition varieties of anthracite and gold plate, of which Starck says himself was “not meant to squeeze lemons” but “to start conversations.” The pioneering designer has a long list of successful furniture and lighting, and even pushes boundaries in vehicle conception and architecture. Starck takes his zest for design into just about every arena, including the bath.

In this video, Philippe Starck describes the slick Axor Starck Shower Collection:

The bathroom is a place of beauty and awareness, a place where we can find ourselves. It is an aesthetic retreat for personal well-being, wherein water can be experienced through all the senses. Over a decade ago, the first Starck bathroom started a revolution. A place of mere hygienic functionality was turned into a new personal retreat. The bathroom as a living space was born – full of warmth and personality. This transformation continues.

“It’s time to redefine the shower,“ says Philippe Starck. His new focus is on the shower as a central element of personal well-being in the bathroom. Again, design, functionality and space interact with each other in a stunning combination. The shower becomes a custom-made spa. The clarity and consistency of this expressive collection offer a bounty of design possibilities.

Spotlight on: Jean-Marie Massaud

Architect, inventor, and designer, Jean-Marie Massaud, is co-founder of the revolutionary Studio Massaud, alongside Daniel Pouzet, and is responsible for the architectural wonder of Estadio Chivas, the stadium designed to resemble an erupting volcano. Jean-Marie Massaud has many achievements, he was also awarded the “Grand Prix de la Salle de Bains d’Hotel 2012” (Hotel Bathroom Prize 2012) for his contribution to the universe of the hotel bathroom.

Check out this video featuring the Axor Massaud collection:

According to him:

More than ever before, we are living at a frantic pace, stressed and overstimulated. And more than ever, we are searching for retreats and places of tranquility. The bathroom is such a place. Nowhere else are we so in touch with ourselves – and at the same time so closely connected to the element water, source of all life.

When I worked with Axor on the new bathroom collection, I had the vision of complete harmony between human beings, nature and technology. To achieve this harmony, the bathroom must become a living space, a place where we feel totally comfortable.

Designing this room involves precise, detailed planning. One aspect of this is the use of natural, high quality materials. Another is the modern arrangement of areas for bodycare, relaxation and tranquility. There also is a space set apart for the toilet. Integrated into the rest of the home, bathroom and bedroom form a single unit. Separated from each other by sliding doors, if at all, both rooms simply flow into each other.

The concepts presented in this brochure, visualised by my partner, Daniel Pouzet, make it clear that it is not the size of a room that matters, but its atmosphere and the character it conveys. This is why an Axor Massaud bathroom can be realised even in a small space.

I have been inspired by nature. Now I invite you to be inspired by Axor Massaud.

Spotlight on: Pheonix Design

Overachieving duo founders of Phoenix Design, Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr, have had a long and successful design partnership, recognized over the years with more than 400 design awards including the coveted “Lucky Strike Award”, and they are able to boast an enviable client list, including Mercedes Benz, Audi, Sharp, T-Mobile, Bosch, Grundig, Miele and many, many more.

PuraVida collection by Phoenix Design, a perfect fusion of white and chrome:

Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr [of Phoenix Design] describe their design philosophy as an attitude: the basic values are aesthetics and ethics, economy and ecology, precision and ergonomics.

… Design in white conveys boldness, honesty and the courage to shine. White demands perfection in form… The focus is on the essential: the human encounter with fine design.

If you have some time to kill check out this compilation of Axor bathroom inspiration:

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