Beautiful home interiors rendered by Dmitry Kobtsev

Designer Dmitry Kobtsev seems to have a penchant for blending elegant modernity with retro glamor.

In his renderings of the following living space, Kobtsev creates a retro-futuristic feel that brings back recollections of The Jetsons pad with light hardwood floors, brown and beige furniture, and a touch of modernity with a silver entertainment stand and silver star-burst chandelier. The curvy legs of the swivel chairs at the brown bar of the open kitchen add quirkiness as the recess lighting adds a hint of luxury.

The same example is illustrated in other renderings, such as this one of a luxurious house, with white marble floors, dark brown wood paneling on the walls and ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and retro-futuristic brown and white furniture.

Perhaps another recurring theme with Kobtsev’s designs are his striking use of two or three contrasting hues. Here, Kobtsev renders a both modern and classically designed hall that exudes comfort and luxury with sleek black and silver furnishings, shiny white tiled floors, and spurts of purple here and there.

For this bathroom, Kobtsev adorns the wall halfway with smooth black tiles and halfway with white tiles with a graphic black floral print.

And with the following living room, Kobtsev creates a modern yet welcoming hallway leading to a comfortable, light filled nook, complete with shaggy carpeting and big, puffy pillows.

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