The Stunning ‘Glass Pavilion’ by Architect Steve Hermann

This just hit our inbox. The format of the email was quite familiar – ‘Home of <insert favorite celebrity name here>’. Yes, we have had our share of these before and it didn’t take us too long to find the original whereabouts of this home either. This modern marvel is the magnum opus of California based architect Steve Hermann. Now listed at Sotheby’s for sale at Rs.108 crores ($24 Million), this 14,000 square feet 5 bedroom wonder seemingly also includes a vintage car collection. The architecture is iconic and the architect’s obsessive attention to detail shows through in every shot of the home.

The stark openness in the design is the only thing that scares us here!

luxury house design

open house design

house path forest

luxury veranda

luxury living with glass walls

luxury dining transparent walls

bedroom full wall windows

open bedroom

super luxury kitchen

luxury bathroom




vintage car collection

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