Sachin Tendulkar’s New (Snail Shaped) Shell House Email Hoax

An email forward is doing the rounds in India claiming to carry with it pictures of the residence of the country’s most beloved cricket star, Sachin Tendulkar. However, a quick search on the topic has proven the email to be a farce. The house is not in India but is actually, on the other side of the planet, in Mexico City and is the brainchild of the Mexican architect Javier Senosiain.

The entrance

Made to look like a snail from the inside, this house has an interior garden. All the rooms are specifically designed keeping the contours of the edifice in mind. As a result, there are no straight lines or passageways here.

The kitchen is tongue shaped and looks like it is growing out of a wall and the beds are made in that way too. The living room has a couch that resembles a jellyfish and is told to have been built around a well in the floor. The accessories in the bathrooms, like the showers and the taps are shaped like trunks and cascades, to complete the ‘living-underwater’ experience.

The colors schemes have been used in accordance with the theme and have created a living space found nowhere else on the planet. Built from an iron lattice framework filled with cement, this house is unlikely to buckle under pressure of the earthquakes that periodically strike the city.

the entrance in the evening

from outside

the hallway

The hallway in the house.

living room

The living room with its jelly-fish shaped couch!

the interior garden

seatin arrangement at shell home

the shell

the path to move up

coffee table at home

Dining Room

The tv room

The TV room in the snail home!

the master bedroom

The Master Bedroom.

the bathroom

With its cascade shaped taps, here is a snapshot of the bathroom.

the kitchen

The tongue shaped kitchen.

fine details

BTW, the snail shaped house is not the first odd looking house we have featured at HD. If you haven’t seen it before we are pretty sure the Sliding House would blow you away!

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