Household junk Recycled into Portrait Masterpieces

We get really excited when seeing the creative things people do with stuff that is normally destined for the dustbin. In fact, we have featured plenty of articles from 17 Life Forms Created from Waste and Recycled Home Decor to Creative Chairs made from Old Materials, which we hope you enjoyed as much as we did!

For the last decade, Zac Freeman has been saving pieces of household junk that would one day become a part of his masterfully intriguing art collection. He wanted to give his two dimensional portraits three dimensional value by using glue to meld everything from bottle caps, nails and old keyboard pieces onto a board to create faces that can only be seen from a distance. Zac has shown his work in exhibitions across the country which has successfully made its way to HD’s archives. We wanted to give you the inspiration to think outside the box when creating your own artwork or anything else for that matter! Go on, dare to think different…

This is a self-portrait of the artist. Stand back and you can see the nose and mouth formation below in this detailed image of his art. Here we can see tons of buttons, container lids and Legos!

Here is another detailed view of the junk art, which appears to be a remote control and plenty of buttons.

Here is a different dynamic of the art that is only viewable up close- a scene of a soldier and his tank.The imagination that goes into creating this multi-dimensional artwork is quite possibly endless…

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Household junk Recycled into Portrait Masterpieces

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