Indoor Plants that Purify Air in Living Spaces

We thought this post would pertain to everyone since most of us live indoors and in major cities where the air quality outdoors has been shown to be cleaner than the air inside of our homes. With all the pollutants and gasses that rarely get to escape, our homes have become havens for walking allergens and toxic chemicals that are surely causing loads of air traffic!

In looking for new ways to maintain a pure and healthy air level at home, research by NASA and Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) have come to enlighten us with a few key plants that will not only survive indoors but give us a daily boost of endless breathable air. Now especially for the tiny lungs that we so often bring into this world, we highly recommend you take notes and start Greening your home. And with modern ways to display these lovely plants, you can have fun purifying your humble abode.

Take a look at this video in which Kamal Meattle, an entrepreneur and environmental activist, talks about some important plants that help purify the air. But keep in mind that the ability of indoor plants to meaningfully purify indoor air is quite a debated topic because even the NASA study that Kamal refers to in his talk has some important caveats.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm Tree is a great living room plant. Excellent air humidifier, removes Carbon Dioxide and toxins from the air. NASA gives this indoor plant an air purifying score of 8.5.

indoor plant living room

indoor plants

Snake Plant

Snake plant (also called Mother in law’s tongue) is an ideal bedroom plant.

bedroom indoor plant

Money Plant

Removes formaldehydes and other volatile chemicals. Can be a good addition to just about any room.



Other Aesthetic Plants

If you plan to use plants indoors for more of their visual effect and not so much for their air purifying abilities, read on. The industry is bringing new modern and exciting ways of displaying plants. Totally cool and funky displays like these will please any crowd and provide conversational pieces at your Eco-friendly dinner parties…

Here is a neat concept. They call it the ‘Flower box’. It includes boxes that house living plants which can be hung on a wall. (Via)

plant wall art

These futuristic alien-like Plant pots are called Golly Pods by Tend (Via)

Hanging air plant pods by Michael McDowell

These interesting towers of plant life are called ‘nature individuelle’ by patrick nadeau via

Need a more comprehensive set of plants that you can keep indoors? Do check out our post: 32 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That Are Also Easy To Maintain

Here are also some lists of cool planters for the plant of your choice:
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