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The interwebz is buzzing with news about an unannounced Apple Tablet that is rumoured to hit us sometime in 2010. The word around is that Apple has tied up with a number of content publishers to push content to users through this new device. Branding and interaction firm Wonderfactory recently published a video that envisions how some leading magazines would look to win over audiences through such a device. Here is the video by the way:

(If you are reading this through email you need to visit the following link to view the videos: https://www.home-designing.com/2009/12/wonderfactory-office )

But we hear you ask: ‘Why are you publishing all this? You are an interior design blog,right?’

This way, people! :)

Masterminds behind the nifty interface video you just saw, the Wonderfactory guys have an extreme workplace. Check this video out to see what we mean. (The hidden door which opens after tugging at the rope is just the beginning!)

Design firm 212box gets the credit for this. The loud colors and interiors sure make a bold statement but the ‘Hell Room’ is what grabs all the attention. Being present in the room allows one to ask an employee to ‘go to hell’ without any legal implications. Shrewd, isn’t it?

More images follow:

lounge area at wonderfactory

wonderfactory workspace
wonderfactory seating area

wonderfactory study

wonderfactory conference room


wonderfactory photo

wonderfactory office area

wonderfactory interiors

wonderfactory desk space

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