Function wise, stairs enable you to move between different levels of elevation, but form wise they enable expression. In this post, we look at some stairs that deviate from the stereotype.

If you have been through our previous post on Ideas for that space under the stairs, you may already be familiar with the book shelf stairs…

bookshelf stairs

…and the drawer shelf.

drawer under stairs

But here are some more that will capture your attention…


Stairs from The Gray Hotel, Milano

Stairs from a house in Kamiuma, designed by Kiyonobu Nakagame & Associates

by TAF Architects

Tassel Hotel designed by Belgian architect Victor Horta

public record office canton basel-landschaft designed by EM2N

Designed by Dekleva Gregoric

Designed by Hogarth Architects, [Via]

Eye Staircase photographed by Martin Van der Veen

Pantone Stairs by Tamotsu Yagi Design (Thanks, Style-Files!)

Alto Stair Treads by Liza Phillips

Skate board stairs by Ted Hunter of Thin Air Press [Via]

Floating Staircase

Casa Rota House designed by Manuel Ocana

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