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Space is a constraint that is beginning to hit us these days. With an ever rising population, the demand for space is only bound to increase with time. In this post we feature some intelligent space saving furniture that would be ideal for small space living.

What would you say if we told you all the furniture you see in the image below…

came from this small box?

You won’t believe it? Watch the video below. (Our email subscribers please check the following link to view it: )

What you were seeing is Casulo by Marcel Krings & Sebastian Mühlhäuser. The 31″x47″ (that’s 80 cm x 120 cm) box can carry the furniture of an entire room and it can be assembled in under 10 minutes with no external tools and zero wastage (even the external cover of the box is used). Our rooms maybe getting smaller but definitely not our minds!

Here is another similar concept by kenchikukagu but one that gives more emphasis to the kitchen.

Termed as ‘Architectural Furniture’, this enables the kitchen to be folded away when not in use.

Video here…

We are pretty much sure that Bonbon Trading has been inspired by the Transformers movie in making this outstanding piece of furniture. Sofa for the living room doubles up as a bunkbed! How cool is this?

Too lazy after that late night movie you watched on the TV? How about napping on the Sofa after you convert it to a bed? More sofa bed transformations…

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Flying Beds

We love furniture that can just be folded up when not in use…

Or those that become new type of furniture when folded…

And space saving furniture always needn’t be folded up to save space. Mebel furniture series by designer Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger is a case in point. These ergonomically designed stackable chairs made of molded plastic are ideal for hotel and office lobbies.

Via Yanko Design

We have looked at space saving for the living, kitchen and the bedroom but aren’t we missing one place? Yep, you guessed it – The Bathroom.

by BHG

The sink in a drawer is a cool idea IF(and that is a BIG if) you have space to play with in the room adjacent to the bathroom.

Here is another more radical way to conserve space in the bathroom, infact it is more like a vertical micro bathroom.

Paul Hernon of Design Ltd calls it the Vertebrae. The Vertebrae packs a toilet, sink, two shower modules (one for children), storage space for shower, bath, shaving, and cosmetic products right along the column. Each component is a swingable module that can be used when needed. [Via]

Here is another interesting post on utilizing the space. (under the stairs) Space saving under the stairs

Or perhaps, space is not a constraint for you. How about a look at some beautiful modern classic chairs?

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