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4 Beautiful Homes with a White Theme

Four homes that use white as a main component of their interior design.

As sunlight streams in from overhead skylights, it illuminates the clean lines and carefully chosen furnishings in this lovely top level apartment.

Scandinavian Living Room Design: Ideas & Inspiration

Gallery of 50 Inspirational Scandinavian style living rooms. Get inspired for your own simple, minimalist living room by them.

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3 White Apartments in Different Styles

Use of white certainly does not have to mean that design takes a turn for boring. Just look at these three apartments to get a sen...

The first loft has all the desirable trappings of a converted industrial space. Sky high ceilings over look the wide open spaces below. Floor to ceiling windows let light stream in and across the varied but simple industrial-inspired accessories including steel chairs and concrete walls. The space maintains warmth by including not just plenty of white and light but also smooth wood flooring.

These Lofts are Up in the Clouds with their Wonderful White Designs

Three white loft designs from different designers each have their own unique style.

The first stunning space is a multi-level loft with sky high windows. Bare bulbs dangle from long wires, lighting up the main living room like fireflies at night while sun streams in and across the beachy inspired furnishings and chevron striped throw pillows by day. Of all the impressive features, you cannot help but be drawn to the stunning second floor library, where white shelving reaches the ceiling and is stacked high with beautiful books.

Wondrous White: Three Lofts with Clean, Bright Interiors

Three gorgeous lofts use plenty of white to create modern, clean interiors that are not afraid of a few spills.

Even the light fixtures in the main room are cleverly white, giving otherwise modern and whimsical designs a more muted appearance that fits with the interior.

3 Sparkling Apartments That Shine with Wonderful White

White-dominated decor may not be the most practical for families, but when done right it can be truly gorgeous.

The kitchen and bathroom are located around the center tower element and utilize the home’s pipe box that already ran through this space.

Bright and Sunny Amsterdam Apartment Renovation

An Amsterdam design firm renovated an 85 year old apartment and turned it into something bright and beautiful for a young family.

With a simple wood deck, large pool, and private veranda, there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy the perfect weather.

Playfully Modern, Pleasantly Colorful & Beautifully Landscaped Villa In Saint Raphael, France

A four bedroom villa in St. Raphael is a playful, colorful beachside retreat.

minimalist white dining ideas

A Super Minimalist Modern Apartment In White

A very modern and minimalist approach to apartment design by a St.Petersburg based design studio.

We start off in the serene living space, where the lounge area floats in the center of the open space like an island–clinging to an area rug, nestled under the bough of an arc lamp.

Sparkling White Apartment with Hideaway Home Offices

An apartment design filled with clever layout ideas and beautiful home decor in white. Hidden home offices, kids room schemes and ...

Parisian Apartment- monochrome living with white walls and red accents

Scandinavian & Parisian Apartments In White

Featuring 3 apartments. 2 in Scandinavian style and 1 in Parisian style.

Modern loft layout

White Lofts

Cool, chic and contemporary, these white loft apartments are the perfect hangout for young professionals and hipsters.

This compact studio apartment packs in an art collection propped along a picture ledge to breathe life into the laid-back lounge space.

White Studio Apartments

See how to add interest to a predominantly white studio apartment space, to achieve a cohesive and attractive result.

White kitchen diner lounge

Apartment Awash with Walnut & White

A chic white apartment warmed with smooth walnut wood tone. Airy open plan with a collection of modern furniture.

With a predominantly blank color chart you can make a few bold choices to break the monotony; if your dining set is in your kitchen, then a vibrant splashback provides the perfect opportunity for a hit of color, or dapple more subtle hints around the room in zingy accessories or book collections.

White Decor Dining Areas

Build upon white decor in dining areas to create impressive schemes for meal times.

Above 2 via Hybrido Studio 3DIf you find you love your new accent colors, you can go a little further by investing in colored furniture, but it's also possible to anchor a floaty white room by using deep, rich wood tones, which will add neutral warmth and texture.

Make a White Living Room Chic & Unique

Tips on how to make your plain white living room into a vibrant place, without a complete overhaul!

Via Perseverance DesignIf bare walls aren't your thing there are numerous lines of predominantly white wallpapers on the market, try wide stripes of white with another tint, like a pale grey mist, or the tiniest touch of peppermint, the added shades will make the white elements appear bright and clean.

Fresh White Based Dining Spaces

A collection of interior renders showing beautiful dining room decor schemes, all with a fresh, light and airy white base.

A continuous flow of living areas was created, with the large contemporary living room flowing into a modern dining area, and finally a minimalist kitchen that can be closed off with two sliding doors of white glass. With a seamlessness enabled by one cohesive color scheme, the minimalist interior achieves a relaxed feel within its highly styled decor.

Red & White Apartment

Contemporary apartment with striking red and white minimalist design in the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and hallwa...


Decorating in White: Gorgeous White Interior Design Inspiration

Wondering how to design your room in white? These gorgeous white rooms decorated for a beach inspired mood would help! Has lots of...


White Kitchens

White Kitchen Design: A set of inspirational 21 white kitchens designed by some of the top designers.


Interior Decoration with Markers (?)

A gift shop decorates something grand with a simple black marker.


Mahina: The Dream House You Cannot Own!

Futuristic Dream house on secluded island location is moon-shaped and has every modern convenience including pool and deck.


Beautiful All White House With Pool

Amazing all white house with a stunning pool and skating ramp! Pictures inside.


White Interior Design

A brilliantly designed house with white living room, white dining, white kitchens,and every other room painted white.


Sensational White Modern Home

Brilliant geometrically constructed home in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


28 Red and White Living Rooms

Pictures of 28 Inspirational Red and White living room designs and ideas by some of the world's best designers


Incredibly Beautiful Kensington House by SHH Architects

Pictures of a beautiful palatial house designed by SHH Architects